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Usher Playfully Dismisses “Mr. Steal Your Girl” Label in Chat About Keke Palmer



Usher, Keke Palmer, Darius Jackson

On September 26th, Usher dialed into “The Breakfast Club,” where he shared his excitement about headlining the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. He recounted the moment he received the incredible news, which came courtesy of a 6:00 AM wake-up call from none other than JAY-Z. Usher humorously described how the call disrupted his morning routine and became the first news of the day.

During the interview, the topic shifted to Usher’s recent viral encounter with Keke Palmer, which began during one of his Las Vegas performances in July. This incident generated significant discussion, especially after Palmer’s partner, Darius Jackson, expressed his discontent. Usher, always the humorist, quipped:

“I’m not Mr. Steal Your Girl, you know what I’m saying? That’s Trey Songz. I’m the guy that tells you, ‘Don’t leave your girl ’round me,’” the Atlanta legend jokingly stated.

Guest host Loren LoRosa delved further, inquiring whether Usher felt guilty about the situation due to the attention it garnered. Usher promptly challenged the notion of guilt, emphasizing that the intention behind the incident was to create a fun and positive moment. He pointed out that in today’s world, marked by sensationalism and a two-dimensional perspective on life, it’s important to enjoy such moments without missing out on the joy they bring.

In other news, Usher added another memorable moment to his repertoire during his residency in Paris, France, which runs until October. On the first night of the residency, he playfully serenaded Gabrielle Union, the wife of basketball legend Dwyane Wade, with a rendition of his latest single, “Boyfriend.” Usher’s humor shone through as he halted the serenade, exclaiming, “Okay, let’s stop. Let’s not get carried away… I ain’t crazy.” He then shared a friendly dap with Wade, all while the enthusiastic crowd looked on. Usher couldn’t resist adding a lighthearted touch, remarking that Wade could easily knock his head off and dunk it – a testament to the good-natured atmosphere he brings to his performances.