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K. Michelle Accuses Nicki Minaj of Song Theft and Chain Dispute During Podcast Interview



K. Michelle, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill

K. Michelle, in a recent podcast interview on Tank and J. Valentine’s R&B Money show, made some bold allegations against Nicki Minaj, involving the appropriation of a song and a dispute over a chain. The conversation first explored the backstory of K. Michelle’s 2014 album Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? and then delved into the interactions between K. Michelle, Nicki Minaj, and Meek Mill.

“‘Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart’ was on a Meek Mill’s album and Nicki Minaj mean ass took it from me,” K. Michelle claimed. “Atlantic Records put me in with Meek Mill because he needed some love songs. He was shooting folks in the songs; he need to get some good love stuff.”

K. Michelle claimed, “Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?” was initially slated for Meek Mill’s album, but Nicki Minaj took it away from me.” She explained that Atlantic Records had facilitated her collaboration with Meek Mill because he needed love songs amid his more aggressive musical content. “He played that record – it wasn’t for his album,” K. Michelle recounted:

“And so, he played that record — it wasn’t on his album. I said, ‘Oh, you sleeping on this.’ So I got the record. I got August [Alsina] and everybody to hop on the record, and that’s when I found out that [Meek and Nicki] was dating.

K. Michelle was emphatic in clarifying her relationship with Meek Mill, stating:

“I never slept with Meek, none of that. And then they was like, she wanted to take the record from me and she said that she had to take back his chain from me. And I never did none of that. I always loved her.”

However, K. Michelle’s claims against Nicki Minaj raised eyebrows when an old tweet resurfaced, in which she seemed to reference the song and expressed her admiration for the Young Money artist. In the tweet, she wrote, “I heard a song that didn’t make my album is going to one of my favorites [smiling face with sunglasses emoji],” adding, “So super excited! Love her [red heart emoji].”

K. Michelle explained that although the song ultimately found its place on Nicki Minaj’s album The Pinkprint with a slight alteration under the title “Buy a Heart,” she reclaimed the title of her original collaboration with Meek Mill for her second album.

Additionally, an old photo of K. Michelle wearing one of Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers chains, which she alleges Nicki “took,” was discovered.

K. Michelle is known for her candid expressions, and during a radio interview earlier this year, she disclosed that she had parted ways with over 100 personal assistants throughout her career. She cited incidents where assistants struggled to perform basic tasks, such as hanging TVs or making reservations, as reasons for their dismissal.