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Joe Budden Responds to Tasha K’s Criticism Over Unreleased Interview Following Cardi B Lawsuit



Joe Budden, Tasha K, Cardi B

Joe Budden has offered a response in the wake of Tasha K’s recent criticism directed at him for not releasing their interview, citing respect for Cardi B. During Episode 6 of his “Joe Budden After Hours” show on Clubhouse, the Slaughterhouse lyricist addressed the situation and explained his rationale.

Budden began by acknowledging Tasha K’s strong work ethic, stating that he initially wanted to learn more about her. However, he expressed reservations about releasing the interview due to the intense passion displayed by both Tasha K and Cardi B regarding their respective positions in their dispute. He emphasized that the decision to shelve the interview wasn’t solely because of Cardi B, citing legal, financial, and algorithmic concerns. Budden explained that the interview contained complex legal issues and potential financial repercussions, which required careful review by his legal team.

“The girl’s work ethic is her work ethic,” he began. “And she has it. Can’t nobody take that away from her. I wanted to learn more about her. Clearly negligence on my part with that whole her, Cardi… they both seem to be entirely too passionate about whatever occurred for even a regular interview to go down.”

He continued:

“All of this other shit just happened to happen while my lawyers was looking at this. Listen, you play with pigs, you get mud on you. I don’t have nothing to say. That’s just a very destructive type of energy. I wouldn’t have got that from her without meeting her. Like meeting her and hearing her story is like, oh, this is why you’re like this.

“This is why some. things are maybe hindering your progress. This is why there’s levels to this.”

Budden refrained from making further statements and hinted at the potentially destructive energy surrounding the situation, which he claimed he wouldn’t have grasped without meeting Tasha K in person.

Tasha K took to Instagram Live to express her disappointment with Budden’s decision not to release the interview. She initially wanted to be interviewed by Budden as part of her promotion for an upcoming comedy show, specifically seeking a platform that would allow the truth to emerge while remaining objective.

“I now understand why nobody fucks with Joe,” Tasha K said. “Joe is all bark, but no bite. You said you was going to do this, but then when I hear, ‘Oh, he’s gotta comb through the interview, he’s gotta make sure this and make sure that.’ I bodied each and every one of those Black men to the point that all of them said after they were done, ‘We’re winos.’”

Tasha K criticized Budden for seemingly backing out of the interview, questioning his commitment to his promises. She referred to him as “all bark, but no bite” and accused him of stalling the release by claiming the need to review the content. Tasha K also expressed frustration with the lack of unity among Black media outlets for the betterment of the community.

“I sat outside and I had a conversation with this Black man. I said, ‘You know what’s sad? Is that we cannot as Black media stick together for the betterment of the people.’ And he was like, ‘Black media will never do it.’ And now, he’s literally owning up to his own words.”

Continuing her critique, Tasha K suggested that Joe Budden’s judgment may be influenced by Cardi B’s cosmetically enhanced buttocks (“BBLs”) and brought up his past domestic violence allegations.

The legal backdrop to this situation involves Cardi B’s lawsuit against Tasha K in 2019, in which Cardi alleged a malicious smear campaign that included false statements about her. The lawsuit resulted in Cardi being awarded more than $2.5 million in damages and an additional $1.3 million in legal fees. Tasha K, however, has listed a minimal balance of $95 in her Chase Bank account in her Chapter 11 filing.

Tasha K did do an exclusive sit down with fellow YouTuber and media personality Adam22 of No Jumper detailing her story, from her upbringing to how she got her start as a broadcaster, Cardi B lawsuit, and much more. You can watch the full interview below: