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Keke Palmer’s Mother Admits to False Claim About Usher’s Sexuality Amidst Abuse Allegations



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Keke Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer, has confessed to fabricating a claim about Usher’s sexuality, admitting that she made up the assertion to protect her daughter. The revelation surfaced during a heated phone conversation between Sharon Palmer and Keke’s ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson, who is currently facing allegations of abuse against Keke.

In the audio clip, Sharon Palmer can be heard berating Jackson for his alleged harassment of her daughter and refers to him with derogatory language. She falsely declares, “Usher is gay!” and accuses Jackson and his family of not understanding business.

Following the online circulation of the audio clip, Usher began trending on social media. In response, Sharon Palmer took to Instagram to clarify her motive behind the false claim, stating that she lied about Usher’s sexuality to deter Jackson from abusing her daughter due to his jealousy.

In a comment on The Neighborhood Talk’s page, Sharon Palmer explained:

“The lie I told about Usher was to get Darius to stop abusing my daughter on account of his jealousy. So I said he didn’t like women for her SAFETY.”

Despite the admission of the false claim, Sharon Palmer stands by the other accusations she made during the heated conversation, emphasizing that her priority is her daughter’s safety. She accuses Jackson of continued abuse and attempts to paint himself as a victim.

Last week, Keke Palmer came forward with allegations of physical and emotional abuse against Darius Jackson, with whom she shares an eight-month-old son named Leodis. She claims Jackson assaulted her multiple times during their two-year relationship, sometimes in front of their son.

A temporary restraining order has been granted to Keke Palmer against Jackson, along with sole custody of their child. A hearing to determine the permanence of the restraining order is scheduled for early December. Jackson has denied the allegations and, in turn, accused Keke Palmer’s mother of threatening him with harm.