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Girl Power: Kenzo B, Honey Bxby & Cleotrapa Sparkle on New March’s Digital Cover



Kenzo B, Honey Bxby, Cleotrapa

Three remarkable artists: rappers Kenzo B and Cleotrapa, and singer Honey Bxby are featured in the March 2024 MusicXclusives digital magazine cover to commemorate Women’s History Month in the music industry. Learn more about the music and lifestyle that embodies their dedication, creativity, and passion

Kenzo B: Redefining Rap

Kenzo B, whose real name is Te’arah Gaines, is better known in her hometown as the “Queen of Bronx Drill.” A native of The Bronx, she has made her mark in the music industry with multiple singles and two notable EPs, Top Dawg in 2022 and Top 2, Not 2 in 2023. 

In a recent sit-down interview with MusicXclusives’ Marie Driven, Kenzo B opened up about her personal and musical journey, expressing profound humility in the face of the success and recognition she has gained as a female rapper. 

“3 top females, I want a song with London Hill. That’s my girl. Lakeyah and Mulatto [Latto]”

Kenzo B was born in Connecticut where her journey began with a backdrop of adversity. Kenzo B revealed to Marie Driven that her mother was incarcerated while pregnant with her and she was born in a halfway house. However, Kenzo’s narrative takes a turn towards resilience, determination, and triumph.

Despite her initial hurdles, Kenzo B has risen to the occasion, turning her challenges into stepping stones for success. “I was in Connecticut for like 3 days after I was born and then brought to the Bronx, where I grew up”, she explained.

kenzo b puts on for the bronx in “bffr” music video (prod. by dj swill b)

Kenzo B is a signed artist with French Montana’s Coke Boys record label, which has helped her solidify her presence in the hip-hop game. Kenzo is set to release the remix for her hit single, “BFFR,” with the assistance of Fivio Foreign and French Montana this month, and is actively collaborating on several projects, shedding light on her earlier music to bring everyone up to date with her evolving work.

Cleotrapa: The Influencer – Turned rapper 

Cleotrapa for MusicXclusives March Women’s History Month edition.

Cleotrapa is a rising star who transcended from influencer to talented musician after she gained recognition through viral videos and unconventional social media content. Widely known for her unapologetic and humorous approach, Cleotrapa, a New Yorker of Nigerian descent, captured the internet’s attention with her blunt observations and relatable humor.

Cleotrapa was raised in Park Hill, Staten Island, NY by her mother. However, her authenticity and raw talent have resonated with a diverse audience. Now, at 24, Cleotrapa is embracing her identity as a Rockstar, which is the name of her latest single that’s taking over the scene. 

cleotrapa stars in her latest visual for “rockstar” (prod. by malcolm flex)

Cleotrapa revealed exciting news about her upcoming projects including her next single to be released in 2024, titled “Von Dutch.” She described the track to MusicXclusives as a fun and flirty song that showcases her dynamic style.

“I was on there to showcase my music, so if it’s anything I’m doing with reality TV, it would have to benefit me.” – Cleotrapa [The Impact NY]

Reflecting on her experience on VH1’s The Impact New York, Cleotrapa expressed enthusiasm, describing it as a great opportunity. She looks forward to delving into more reality TV projects, seeing it as a platform not only to display her musical talents but also to spotlight her various other endeavors. She also confirmed that she is boo’ed up after recently going Instagram official with her man. 

As Cleotrapa continues to expand her influence in both the music and entertainment spheres, her upcoming single “Von Dutch” and future reality TV endeavors are sure to captivate audiences and further solidify her presence as a versatile and compelling artist. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this rising star.

Cleotrapa’s journey from internet sensation to a formidable force in the music industry is a testament to her versatility, talent, and undeniable charisma. As she continues to break boundaries, it’s clear that Cleotrapa is on a trajectory to leave an indelible mark in the world of music and entertainment.

Honey Bxby: A Soulful Symphony

Honey Bxby, hailing from New Jersey, has a narrative that resonates with truth. Her journey unfolds with the raw honesty of a Netflix or HBO drama—cosmetology school, a stint in a strip club, and then the realization of her dreams.

Musically, Honey Bxby channels a nostalgic vibe, drawing inspiration from the R&B queens of the 2000s era. She’s drawn many comparions to the likes of Keyshia Cole, Kehlani just to name a few. Eschewing overproduced beats, she opts for a stripped-back approach that puts her smooth vocals front and center. Her delivery exudes conviction; each lyric feels deeply personal, a reflection of her genuine connection to the music.

Honey bxby samples swv’s “i’m so into you” on her latest single, “fkn him too” (prod. by worldwidefresh)

Honey Bxby recently signed to Atlantic Records in early 2023 and released her debut EP, 3 Words, 8 Letters. Honey Bxby’s ascent is palpable, with notable tracks like “Touchin” and “Poseidon” showcasing her artistry and drawing parallels to the appeal of SZA’s sound, a fellow Jersey native and world renowned superstar alike.

“I’m just really focused on what I got going on. I can’t be getting dickmatized and dicktracted. I just don’t be beat for a lot sh*t that I used to be beat for. You know what I’m saying? When I was 18, 19, I was just a whole different person. I was young. I just got off the porch, so I was just outside. I ain’t [outside] like that no more.”

Honey Bxby’s interview unveils the inspiration behind her latest projects and the emotional depth she brings to her performances. 

Musicxclusives’ rendezvous with Honey Bxby 

Empowering Women Through Music

This Women’s History Month digital cover magazine is not just a celebration of individual talent but a recognition of the collective power women hold in shaping the music industry. Kenzo B, Cleotrapa, and Honey Bxby exemplify the strength, creativity, and resilience that define women in music.

This March we will amplify the voices of these remarkable artists, giving readers an intimate glimpse into their artistry, struggles, and triumphs. Together, let’s celebrate the diverse narratives that women bring to the forefront of the music scene, reminding the world that the future of music is undoubtedly female.

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Check out Behind-the-scenes on set of our Women’s History Month cover shoot below:

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