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Jadel Mixes It Up with Bumbu: The Ultimate Collaboration for Millennials and Mavens of Rum



Credit: Playbook MG

Amidst the vibrant crescendo of the Soca scene, the unmistakable rhythm of Jadel’s artistic ascent takes center stage as she prepares to unveil her latest masterpiece, the album Don’t Be Mistaken. With a duo of singles already capturing hearts and playlists across streaming platforms, her tracks “Messy,” featuring the dynamic Karlie Redds, and “Addictive,” in harmony with the charismatic Charley Blacks, are on the cusp of becoming anthems of the genre. The latter’s magnetic pull is undeniable, verging on a million YouTube hits and counting.

This week, Jadel’s pulse on New York’s electrifying energy is amplified through media appearances and high-profile meetings. Among her engagements is a significant sit-down with “Bumbu,” the renowned Rum Brand from the storied cellars of Sovereign Brands. This family-owned purveyor of fine spirits champions a unique spirit of craftsmanship and innovation that resonates with Jadel’s musical philosophy.

This promising collaboration reflects an alignment of values and dreams – a melodic synergy poised to be chronicled in upcoming projects. Bumbu is orchestrating a lyrical fusion within Jadel’s sound tapestry and offering their distinguished support for her media day – a celebration marking the much-anticipated April album release.

Jadel, echoing Bumbu’s tale of heritage and quality, is set to serenade the Soca industry with her compelling narrative, doused in creativity, vibrancy, and an indomitable zest for her craft. In this dance of collaboration and individual brilliance, the crescendos await, and Jadel’s name is predestined to echo as a synonym for Soca allure and spirit.

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