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Luh Kel: On Fatherhood, ‘Head Melodies’ Project, Video Games, + More in New Cover Story



Platinum-selling artist Luh Kel’s rise to stardom has been nothing short of remarkable. Born Turran Coleman in St. Louis, Missouri, he first gained attention with his melodic and emotionally charged tracks. His breakthrough came with the hit single “Wrong,” which quickly garnered over 266M Streams on Spotify, 177M views on YouTube, and ranked Top 40 placement on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs playlist. Since then, Luh Kel has continued to build on his success, cultivating a dedicated fan base drawn to his authentic and relatable approach to R&B. This 16-track project is the culmination of Luh Kel’s artistic journey and includes the title track, “Head Melodies,” featuring the acclaimed A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. The mixtape showcases a selection of tracks, including previously released hits, “You The One” and “Reminisce,” which demonstrate his versatility as an artist and his commitment to delivering music that connects with the ladies on a profound level.

“I took some time off to live my life because you are only young for so long. I was living in a mansion and just having fun.”

Luh Kel, ImagesbyLeo, MusicXclusives

In his sit down with Kamey Gomez, Luh Kel discusses how he is a genuine fan of Rod Wave’s music for its emotional depth even though others may categorize it as depressing and who he’s currently listening to. He believes that expressing vulnerability and emotions is a strength rather than a weakness, and Rod Wave’s music serves as a powerful example of this sentiment. Luh Kel advocates for the importance of men expressing their feelings more openly, challenging societal norms that may discourage emotional transparency. His current playlist also includes the soulful sounds of K. Michelle, the powerful vocals of Keyshia Cole, and the timeless melodies of Alicia Keys. He contends that embracing one’s emotions is a sign of growth and maturity. He emphasizes that you can’t be nonchalant all the time. 

 “Peer pressure only exists when you’re insecure. I can kick it with my homeboys, and they do what they do, and I go.”

With all the hidden talent in St. Louis, Kel never forgets not to pay homage to Nelly. Luh Kel is an artist who can’t be boxed in and has a dream collaboration with Justin Bieber. He hopes his music will transcend genres and his reach will grow farther than his current 2.4M followers. While Luh Kel is an avid gamer, what he’s most excited about is another recent announcement. On Oct 15th, Luh Kel posted a photo with his pregnant girlfriend, Semaj Lesley.  Instantly amassing over 280k likes, the picture was shared on Shaderoom Teens. As the story goes, Kel slid in his girlfriend’s DMs to speak to her friend. Ultimately, it didn’t work with her friend, and he chose to pursue her. Amidst the promotion of his mixtape, Kel has also been preparing himself for fatherhood, embracing the responsibilities and joys that come with it. Luh Kel is truly in uncharted territory as he works to reclaim his place on the charts.

Luh Kel, ImagesbyLeo, MusicXclusives

“I’m more excited than nervous. I want to be the best dad I can be. I want him to know that I will always be there for him.”

As Luh Kel continues to ascend in the world of R&B, his journey remains one of authenticity, passion, and unwavering dedication to his craft. With chart-topping singles, a growing fan base, and a diverse range of interests, Luh Kel is undoubtedly a rising star to watch. Kel plans to drop an album during the first quarter with MNRK Music Group. Right now, he’s spending time with his son, who was born on Dec 30th.

Watch our exclusive sit-down interview w/ Luh Kel below:

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Interview by: Kamey Gomez
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