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Cleotrapa Talks VH1’s The Impact NY, Stan Culture, ATL, Fans, + More In New Interview



Credit: Leo Lysius
Credit: Leo Lysius

MusicXclusives tapped none other than popular social media influencer-turned-rapper Cleotrapa, from Staten Island to be featured on this month’s March 2024 digital cover alongside fellow artists Honey Bxby and Kenzo B.

Cleotrapa took a moment from her starring role on the popular reality TV series, ‘The Impact New York,’ for an exclusive sit-down interview with MusicXclusives. The rising star and social media influencer talks with Nate about her new singles, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Von Dutch,’ her thoughts on Stan Culture and fans, and being in TV series ‘The Impact New York.’ She even lets us in on some tea about balancing her personal life vs career, being in love, and living in Atlanta before relocating back to New York.

Check out the Cleotrapa interview on YouTube here!