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Duke Deuce Exclusive Interviews Talks About What Direction He is Going With His Music, Creative Direction for ‘M’ Hats and More! [READ]



Crunk music was never dead! Memphis rapper, Duke Deuce, put his foot on the map with crunk music and creating his own swag. He inspired the new generation to tear the club up at their own discretion. With his signature ad-lib, “WTTTTFFF,” with a force of a wrecking ball. Duke raps about the realities and the benefits of his own success that has reached millions of fans, who have gravitate to his music and dance moves by his electrifying performances and visuals.

With each release of his music, he adds more crunk but his own creative sound. As he releases his debut single, “Murder,” Duke is setting the standard of the crunk era but adding a vocals. Duke continues to his worldwide takeover by showcasing his talent and adding a little versatility as he continues to hold the crown of The King of Crunk. We have met the Memphis Jookin’ King and spoke to him about his creative direction for ‘M’ hats, his debut single “Murder,” and more.

JJ: With your new single “Murder,” what made you come up and make the song with the different melodies.

Duke Deuce: I wanted to throw out some melodic sounds. You can never think too deep on how fast the industry works by pouring into my own music and putting the music out. People don’t know me from the melodic sound, they only know me from the crunk sound era. I am a versatile artist all the way around.

With this upcoming EP, it will be a versatile of many different sounds. Honestly, it is going to be crunk as motherf* though! A lot of it is going to be crunk, but it is going to be shake that a** crunk.

JJ: A line stood out to me and it is one of my favorite stores! You had said “I ain’t never seen a broke b* at Target.” What are the three things/items you get from Target?

Duke Deuce: It will be something random for my daughter like panties, toothpaste, and a t-shirt. I go there for simple things. Target is known to be the bougie Walmart and that is where the line came from.

JJ: When will we have “Jookin'” classes this year?

Duke Deuce: I have already started a class in Memphis. I had thought about doing a tour of classes but we have to stamp it. It is coming real soon.

JJ: Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, what can you say that the city has evolved over the years?

Duke Deuce: Yes, a lot more artists are starting new dances in unison by creating their own dance moves. More people are moving in unison, who are doing it like me, but not exactly like me even down to the genre. A lot of people are in turned up mode by changing the game into another direction and I feel like I’m a part of that. As I opened up the lane for crunk, many people were afraid to do something different by coming in with the crunk. 

JJ: As you released your exclusive signature ‘M’ hat, explain how to use the designs behind the scenes of the hat. Will we have a future line of hats of different sayings or songs you have done in the future?

Duke Deuce: Yes, there will be more hats, but as far as sayings, I don’t know because it depends on what the sayings are. I might hit them with the “WTTTTTTFF.” The ‘M’ hats are personalized to represent Memphis because there are no ‘M’ hats that are available now.

JJ: Define Crunkstar. How can a fan attend Crunk University? 

Duke Deuce: Crunkstar is a person who is not afraid to be themselves. First, it has to be in you. As you go onto my page and click the link, you will sign up to be a Crunkstar! You will have that connection with me and will be sending exclusive information. I don’t care what you are or who you are, if you are standing about business about what you are, then you are a Crunkstar. 

JJ: The MNEIG Challenge, as seen on TikTok, of the younger generation dancing to the remix of the song. Will you be dancing to the song too since you rep Memphis everywhere you go?

Duke Deuce: I wouldn’t say I created it, but I do real Memphis based things. I’m one of the only rappers who threw it out there, by showing that side of the city with the gangsta walk and teaching the history behind it. It’s not about dancing, it’s a part of us and the hustle. 

JJ: What made you want to start dancing?

Duke Deuce: As a kid, I grew up by dancing and into the music within the family. As I had my own style, I started to tap into the style of dancing while in junior high school doing talent shows and adding that to the music.

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