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Meek Mill Calls Out Streaming System Amidst New Standards



Meek Mill, MusicXclusives

Meek Mill is taking a stand against the streaming system, asserting that the current model isn’t allowing artists to make sufficient money from their music streams. The Philadelphia native shared his frustration on Twitter, emphasizing the challenges of earning from streams at the rate of .003 per play.

“It’s not possible to make money off .003 a stream from your favorite fans,” Meek Mill tweeted.

He drew a comparison to his past experiences selling hard copies, highlighting the disparity in income. Despite these challenges, he expressed confidence in navigating the evolving landscape, stating:

“I can sell 35k copies at 2 arena shows of people there to see me; the system falling, I got it tho.”

In a previous tweet on November 20, Meek Mill announced his full independence, proudly stating:

“I own 100% of my masters and publishing now ima rap and have a ball with it and make music that touch people worldwide!”

He also revealed that he, along with all Dream Chaser artists, is actively seeking top-tier distribution.

Meek Mill’s pursuit of independence aligns with his commitment to ensuring that he receives every cent of his music royalties. In the face of legal challenges and industry dynamics, he’s taking control of his artistic output.

The rapper also shared his quest for graphic designers, expressing a desire to create unique merchandise. “I need graphic designers… I wanna start a discord and just pay whoever can come up with the best designs for my merch. I have 10 different brands,” he tweeted.

This move toward independence and creative control comes a few months after Meek Mill criticized record labels for alleged exploitation and theft from the artists they sign. He expressed frustration with the music industry’s power dynamics, calling out lawyers who challenge young artists with complex business deals.

Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers, previously affiliated with Roc Nation, is now seeking top-tier distribution independently. Despite parting ways with Roc Nation in July of the previous year, Meek Mill continues to carve his path in the music industry, determined to navigate its challenges and empower artists for a fair and just system.