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Meek Mill Inserts Himself in 50 Cent & King Combs Beef via Social Media



Meek Mill has decided to take aim at 50 Cent after the G-Unit rapper dissed Diddy’s son, King Combs.

The conflict between 50 Cent and King Combs began on Sunday (May 12) when Combs released a track, “Pick A Side,” targeting those who have criticized his father. In the song, Combs explicitly calls out 50 for mocking his father and the Combs family amid allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking.

50 Cent quickly responded by resurfacing the sexual assault allegations against King Combs (real name Christian Combs), posting pictures of the alleged victim’s injuries.

On Monday (May 13), Meek Mill criticized 50 for “beefing with kids.”

“Because you’re federal, the street n-ggas in Queens know that. Why you tryna pick on a lil boy?” Meek tweeted in a series of since-deleted posts. “Your own son hates your guts. I’m so grateful to be on an island with my son and his friends on his birthday. Don’t follow these guys; their miserable lives are terrible.”

In another tweet, Meek added: “Y’all n-ggas 50 online beefing with kids. Of course, y’all left all your friends and family behind! Y’all are holding the culture back with old hating manipulation. I say what I want because a war comes behind me if that’s the case. But y’all got that rap shit too loose; somebody’s gonna die, and y’all gonna be calling Farrakhan or your federal friends… just because y’all not hot anymore! Tearing y’all folks down is all y’all can do.”

He concluded by calling 50 “mentally sick” and “a rich parasite.”

50 Cent then responded to the tweets with an Instagram post. Alongside a photo of himself, he wrote:

“You sold 6k copies of your last project; you should not be on vacation. Still chasing the dream or embracing the nightmare. Standing by your man, that I respect!”

Since the allegations surfaced earlier this year, Meek Mill has repeatedly denied any sexual involvement with Diddy.

In late February, a producer named Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones (who worked on Diddy’s The Love Album: Off the Grid) accused Diddy of sexual harassment, drugging, and threatening him over the course of a year.

The legal documents have been circulating online, with one note drawing significant attention: “Mr. Combs informed Mr. Jones that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with rapper (REDACTED), R&B singer (REDACTED), and Stevie J.”

Though the names were redacted, footnotes suggest the lawsuit refers to Meek Mill and Usher, based on the descriptions: “He is a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj” and “He performed at the Super Bowl and had a successful Vegas residency.”