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DJ Akademiks Clowns Saucy Santana After New Spotify Numbers Revealed



Saucy Santana, DJ Akademiks, MusicXclusives

The ongoing social media feud between DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana has taken a new turn, with Akademiks criticizing the performance of Santana’s diss track on Spotify. The beef originally stemmed from Akademiks’ comments about Yung Miami, and it has since evolved into a heated exchange.

In a recent Instagram post on Sunday (November 19), DJ Akademiks mocked Saucy Santana for the perceived failure of his diss track against the media personality. Akademiks posted, “So the silver back gorilla wit the beard and the bbl… booked studio time to diss big Ak,” and went on to reveal that the track only made $32 on Spotify. Akademiks emphasized that he doesn’t buy into clout-chasing, stating, “I Ain’t into that diddy s**t… I’m Jamaican. Stop playing!”

The post also included Akademiks’ tweets on the matter and a clip showing the Spotify page of the diss track, titled “Meet Me in Da Skreets,” which displayed 8,290 streams as of the recording.

On Twitter, Akademiks further criticized Santana’s track, stating, “This why the city girls flopped. Y’all be thinking these ppl hot off comments on ig… nobody stream they s**t. They trash asf.” He provided context by explaining the financial aspect, noting that 1,000,000 streams on Spotify equate to $4000 in royalty payouts, whereas Santana’s track earned only $32.


Akademiks continued to downplay Santana’s efforts, stating, “8000 streams means he earned a measly $32 from dissing me. and yall think im worried about a silver back gorilla looking n***a w/ a bbl and a beard and acrylic nails. U can’t get hot like this.”

The social media feud between DJ Akademiks and Saucy Santana remains intense, with each party taking shots at the other. As the drama unfolds, fans are left wondering how this online beef will ultimately play out. Stay tuned to HNHH for the latest updates on this ongoing saga.