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Remy Ma Faces Cheating Allegations Against Husband Papoose



Remy Ma, Papoose

It seems like there’s been some drama and controversy involving Remy Ma, Geechi Gotti, and cheating allegations. Geechi Gotti apparently confronted Remy Ma during a rap battle and raised questions about her fidelity to her husband, Papoose. This incident took place during a rap battle against Eazy The Block Captain, where Gotti openly discussed the rumors of Remy Ma’s alleged infidelity.

Gotti mentioned that he didn’t care if Remy Ma was involved with someone else but criticized Papoose for supposedly neglecting business matters. He also touched on the couple’s public image of being the epitome of Black love and mentioned Papoose’s support and dedication to Remy Ma, even during her time in prison.

Many people were surprised and shocked to see these cheating allegations being brought up during the rap battle. Remy Ma and Papoose have been known for their strong relationship and have even showcased it on the reality show Love And Hip Hop: New York. They’ve received attention for their mutual support in their careers and their positive portrayal of Black love.

“’I don’t give a f**k if you’re fking this n**ga, just tell him to stop screwing the business… y’all the poster child symbol for Black love… every interview he show his admiration and tell the world how he think his woman the greatest… nga he held you down in prison for six years, I know it was not nice, he cried big tears, he stood by you by your biggest accomplishments front row giving you big cheers. Man you got a beautiful baby girl who is also amazing. He’ll be damned if he lose you to this bozo in braces… Listen he took you out to the best foods, when you ain’t feeling good he put you back in the best moods”

It’s important to note that Remy Ma has denied these cheating allegations online, emphasizing that there is no truth to them.

Eazy The Block Captain also addressed the allegations in a tweet by saying:

“Y’all want something bad to happen to me so baddddd. Of course, it’s the same hating ni*gas and females, but y’all should get the story straight before y’all speak.”

Remy Ma and Papoose have been married for a long time and have a daughter together named Reminisce. Remy Ma is also a parent to Janafi and a stepmother to Papoose’s daughters Destiny, Shemele, and Dejanae. The couple has been known for their commitment to family and their music careers.