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Cardi B Reportedly Issues Subpoenas for Tasha K’s Wire Transfer and Tax Document Records



In the past year, Cardi B has intensified her legal dispute with Tasha K, also known as LaTasha Kebe, who already owes the “WAP” artist approximately $4 million in defamation damages. In a bid to secure the owed amount, Cardi B has purportedly made a request for extensive financial documentation, encompassing wire transfers and tax returns from Tasha K.

As of today (August 30), VIBE has reported that the prominent rap sensation has issued subpoenas to various financial institutions, including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Discover Financial, and American Express, among others. This move appears to be aimed at meticulously examining the media personality’s financial history, ensuring accuracy in her financial declarations since her bankruptcy filing in May. If accurate, this legal maneuver would form a part of a broader strategy to validate the transparency of Tasha K’s financial situation.

The report also highlights that the “Hot S**t” artist has informed the presiding judge about the issuance of these subpoenas. The documents purportedly seek access to a comprehensive range of Tasha K’s financial activities, encompassing account statements, records of deposits and withdrawals, as well as details of wire transfers.

The ongoing legal feud between Cardi and Tasha K traces its origins back to January 2022, when the blogger was found liable for defamation and intentionally inflicting emotional distress. Initially, the host of “Unwine With Tasha K” was instructed to pay almost $3 million; however, following an unsuccessful appeal, the judge raised the stakes, commanding her to pay an additional $1 million.

In May, Kebe filed for bankruptcy, declaring assets of less than $60,000. However, this move was widely interpreted as a strategy to avoid the substantial seven-figure payout. Nevertheless, Cardi B seems resolute in her determination to recover the owed sum.

Recently, XXL reported that Tasha K offered to establish a schedule of quarterly payments to Cardi. Under this proposed reimbursement plan, she suggested providing the musician with a total of $222,000 in 20 installments spread across periodic intervals to settle their defamation lawsuit.