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Remy Ma’s Drink Champs Interview Reveals How She Feels About The Female Rap Game Today



It seems for years hip-hop has had one anomaly that is still the most loved part, but also the most controversial aspect of its genre. Female rap is a conversational piece that is never left off the table no matter the decade of music. Now, in the year of 2022 where we have seen major shifts in hip-hop music, and the contribution of females to that genre, the question  still remains “why does it have to be one female rapper on top?”

In a recent Drink Champs Podcast episode with guest Remy Ma, the rapper discussed the current climate of female rappers, and how she feels there’s an even playing field for everybody, providing the opportunity of success on all the female rappers. Remy stated:

Everybody know who nice, everybody put in work. That’s not to take away from them. I put in work, Fox put in work, Kim, Nicki, Cardi, Megan, everybody done put in work. Ni—as talk about ‘Who got this much money, who sold this much records,’ we all was broke.”

Another aspect of the hip-hop that Remy spoke about was the constant rap beef between female rappers. Remy went on to say that she is no longer interested in hip hop beefs nor does she take it serious. The rapper says:

 I don’t take rap Beef seriously. Even in life I don’t have beef with anyone right now. I just don’t care. I’ve been there. Nobody is trying to go over to jail right now because they see somebody And wants to act stupid. Nobody wants to be away from their kids. Nobody Wants to be away from their husband and all this shit is fucking music and everybody is up.

Remy speaking on rap beefs gives true insight as she has seen her share of confrontations in her career. At the start of her career as a battle rapper, Remy saw the light of public disagreements with female rappers like Lady Luck, Foxy Brown, and even Lil Kim. Remy’s latest rap drama included her going back-and-forth with the queen of rap herself Nicki Minaj. Remy later did make up with Lil Kim including doing a song together.
While it seems like the Love and Hip Hop star is on a new path of not entertaining the beef we hope the words that she spoke shows true evolution and progression for female rap to come.

Check out the new episode of Drink Champs to hear more.