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New Music: Capella Grey – ‘Vibe Responsibly Vol. 1’



Capella Grey, Vibe Responsibly Vol. 1

Capella Grey has officially arrived, his debut album, Vibe Responsibly Vol. 1, dropped today (June 21), marking a significant moment for the emerging artist who has been steadily building anticipation since his breakout hit, “Gyalis.” With this album, Grey ventures into the rich, diverse terrain of contemporary R&B, blending influences from hip-hop, reggae, and soul to create a distinctive sound that feels both fresh and familiar. Here’s a dive into the essence of this highly anticipated release. The self-proclaimed Mayor of Uptown burst onto the scene back in 2021 with the song of the summer, the Juvenile-sampled “Gyalis” [ala “Back That Thang Up”], and since has made quite the splash, both locally and nationally over the last 3 years. But before his takeover during the pandemic, Capella, who was born Curtis Anthony Jackson II who claims both Bronx and Mount Vernon, NY as home released his first two projects, Yea Nah I’m Out (2019) and The QuanranTape Vibe 1 (2020). Fan favorites such as “DASHOUT,” “Body!,” “Breathe (nfs),” “ONE More Chance” and “SAS CRISE” become popular on the underground circuit.

Naysayers doubted the 28-year-old, insisting he was a one-hit wonder, after “Gyalis,” which peaked at No. 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts blew up, making it a Top 40 hit and to date, it’s nearing almost 100 million streams on Spotify alone. Let’s keep in mind, that he did it on his terms. Wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered the anthem himself. Something rare for a new artist. Since then, he followed up with jams like “Talk Nice,” “Confujawn,” “OT” and the Chris Brown-assisted remix to “Gyalis” which caught some traction on DSPs. During the pandemic, as he continued to build up his buzz, Grey found himself on the road performing, doing club dates, and being brought out on arena stages by some of today’s biggest stars.

Capella landed his very first major label deal, a joint venture with Capitol Records through his subsidiary Allepac the Family [ATF] in 2021, which prompted him to start working on his debut album, Vibe Responsibly Vol. 1 (popularly known as VRV1). Unfortunately, the label and he budded heads and experienced creative differences, later causing them to part ways. Luckily for Grey, he continued working. Locking in the studio, writing, and producing. Over the course of 2022 up until this very moment, fans eagerly anticipated the release his of first full-length body of work. The Jamaican rising star found a way of connecting with his fans and letting them into his world through vlogs documenting his journey and the creation of VRV1. So much so that, they grew familiar with a lot of the music over time. Last year, he partnered up with 10k Projects, the same label that houses fellow Bronx rap star Ice Spice (rumor has it he got her signed to Capitol; inside scoop). Congratulations to the industry, Capella sparked another favorite with “BAECHESTER” and had the entire Uptown, NYC on his back.

Fast forward to 2024, after much anticipation and fanfare around the release of his long-awaited 22-track studio album, Grey teased the new date months ago leading up to its June 21th’s drop. The project, which is co-executed producer by BBEARDED, his right-hand man in production, features some of R&B’s finest tunes, but it doesn’t end there. Much of “Gyalis” success came from its unique approach as far as genre is considered. Grey intertwined R&B with a fusion of reggae/dancehall and even Hip Hop elements in under a minute and 45 seconds (which stirred much conversation about its shortness). If you’re looking for an album this summer to jam to, VRV1 has a record for everyone. He incorporates all the ingredients, and his musicianship is on full display. Grey handled the majority of the production on the album, and BBEARDED came in second with stand-out cuts like “City Of The Vibe,” “FLY SHIT” (feat. Jae’Won & Young M.A), “WAT U WANT” (feat. Jacquees), “The Way” (feat. Tone Stith) and “My Bop.” I must say Shajuan “BBEARDED” Andrews’ production is certainly top-tier. You hear a master at his craft after you have listened to this entire body of work. That foundation coupled with Grey’s profound pen game is one to study if you’re serious about true artistry. Capella’s latest offering is his firey summer banger, “Strings” (feat. Fivio Foreign & French Montana), which will keep fans yearning for more. He has a lot to choose from when it comes to singles, and talks about an ATF Tour that is currently in the works.

Throughout Vibe Responsibly Vol. 1, Grey explores themes of love, relationships, and personal growth. His lyrics are introspective yet accessible, often touching on the complexities of modern romance and the importance of self-awareness. There’s a balance of vulnerability and confidence in his songwriting, reflecting his journey both as an artist and an individual. The production of Vibe Responsibly Vol. 1 is polished and cohesive, with each track flowing seamlessly into the next. Grey’s background in music production shines through, as he carefully curates the sonic landscape of the album. The beats are lush and layered, providing the perfect backdrop for his smooth vocals. The use of live instruments, particularly guitar and piano, adds an organic feel that complements the more digital elements of the production.

“On The radar” (freestyle)

Vibe Responsibly Vol. 1 is a strong debut from Capella Grey, showcasing his potential as a major player in the R&B and hip-hop scenes. The album is a testament to his ability to create music that is both commercially appealing and artistically meaningful. With its smooth production, catchy melodies, and relatable lyrics, this project is sure to resonate with a wide audience, especially among Gen Z listeners who appreciate a good vibe.

As Capella Grey continues to evolve as an artist, Vibe Responsibly Vol. 1 sets a solid foundation for what promises to be a bright future. This album is more than just a collection of songs; it’s an experience, inviting listeners to vibe responsibly and enjoy the ride.