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New Music: 239 Take Over Vol. 1: Lil Pakistan Business



For too long, the 239 has been overlooked in Florida’s cultural scene, outshone by cities like Miami and Jacksonville. Since the era of Plies, this region has awaited its moment to stand out. AG Lotti, a forward-thinking rapper from Florida, recognized the potential and envisioned uniting the city. Despite its internal conflicts, lack of organization, and clashing personalities, many deemed this vision unattainable.

Yet, against all odds, the 239 proved resilient. Understanding that unity was key to their success, the city’s artists came together for the first time to produce a collaborative album, all recorded in a single studio. “239 Takeover Vol 1” showcases the talents of over 30 artists, including some who had been caught up in longstanding feuds and violence.

The album features appearances from rising Florida star C Stunna, Bizzy Crook, AG Lotti, 239 Flizzle, and a myriad of other creative voices.