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Fat Joe Draws Parallel Between Chris Brown and Michael Jackson: ‘No One Comes Close’



Fat Joe

Fat Joe went out of his way to commend Chris Brown and drew comparisons between him and Michael Jackson. The Bronx rapper used Instagram Live recently to express his admiration for Breezy, suggesting that without the controversy involving Rihanna, Chris Brown would be revered on the same level as Michael Jackson.

“If Chris Brown hadn’t been involved in the Rihanna case, we’d be calling him Michael Jackson right now,” Fat Joe remarked. “Not like Michael Jackson—Michael Jackson. He’s the most talented singer, artist, performer, and hit maker of our era.”

Fat Joe emphasized that Chris Brown stands alone in his talents and deserves greater recognition for his contributions. He acknowledged past controversies but noted the passing of time without further incidents.

“When the truth is unpopular, people are afraid to speak it, especially celebrities,” Fat Joe stated. “But the streets know the real deal.”

He pointed out that despite public sentiment, figures like R. Kelly still have a following. Fat Joe highlighted Chris Brown’s extensive catalog and numerous hits, advocating for acknowledgment of his status in the R&B genre.

“It’s a shame we’re not giving credit to the R&B king,” Fat Joe lamented. “If you look at his body of work and his hits, you’ll see what he’s capable of.”


While Fat Joe clarified that he doesn’t condone Chris Brown’s past actions, he attributed them to youthful indiscretion.

Earlier this year, Fat Joe had already praised Chris Brown, likening him to a modern-day 2Pac.