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J. Lock Releases His New Debut EP ‘Anything’ Featuring Domani and Ryan Trey



Mississippi bred singer, J. Lock has released his debut four-track EP ‘ Anything,’ that features Domani and Ryan Trey. After having initial success, Lock achieved further success by collaborating with Finesse2Tymes on “Money” which has over a million streams. Following his huge hit “Anything,” the EP showcases his versatility of his elements of soul with a hint of hip-hop and harmony-driven. It serves as a precursor to prove he’s in the conversation as not just one of the best-rising acts, but an innovator of the genre who sounds like a breath of fresh air in a market dominated by down-tempo. MusicXclusives sat down with J. Lock and discuss what is next for him, the creative process and more. 

MX: When releasing the single “Money” ft Finesse2Tymes that has over a million streams, what was the creative space by working with Finesse?

J. Lock: Shoutout to Memphis and Finesse2Tymes. It was definitely very high energy in the studio! Once the beat and lyrics came together, it was definitely a club banger that was needed for the city. With the title of the song, we know everybody needs money so why not put that energy out there for the fans. 

MX: As a reticent child, what was your motivation for creating music? Tell us more about it. 

J. Lock: I was a very shy and timid kid in school. Music was my only outlet to express myself. People gravitate toward it and for me to take it seriously and hear their honest opinions. 

MX: What was your creative process in making “Anything?” I had seen the viral challenge!

J. Lock: By writing the song, I know girls love to be spoiled by materialistic things. This song is for them by having a man giving you anything you want whether  it’s your last name, trips, wedding ring.

MX: By having over a million streams and releasing your debut single “Anything,” what is next for you for 2024?

J. Lock: Right now, I have my debut EP called ‘Anything’ that just released today that features Domani and Ryan Trey. I have been working hard on this project and excited for my fans to tune in.

MX: If someone hasn’t heard your music, which song would you let them listen to for them to get to know you as an artist?

J. Lock: I will choose “Victoria Heights Dr” because of how I came and grew up. It taught me a lot as a person and where I was raised. 

MX: Your inspiration is J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake, what can you say about the whole diss between the 3? Which artist are you more relatable with? Why do they inspire you?

J. Lock: Hip-hop needed the battle. As there was no violence but endless bars that turned into a friendly battle. 

J. Cole reminds me of the countryside of music. (South Forrest, MS) With Drake, I gravitate to his music more on an artist level. Lastly with Kendrick Lamar, he is very versatile and different with his flow. 

MX: By opening up for Jacquees on tour, tell me your experience. What were your emotions? What were some things to get you ready for it?

J. Lock: By traveling to Pittsburgh, St. Louis and other cities, it was really inspiring. I’ve learned how to gravitate more to the crowd. Before I perform, I do vocal warm ups and pray. Those are the most essential things, as well as, I don’t drink or smoke during my shows. 

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