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Selena Gomez Shades Chris Brown at The MTV VMA’s? Singer Responds



Selena Gomez

A recent moment at the VMAs has led to speculation of drama between Chris Brown and Selena Gomez. During the awards show, Selena Gomez was seen in the audience when the nominees for Best R&B were announced. She appeared to frown and did not clap when Chris Brown’s name was announced for his song “How Does It Feel,” featuring Chloe Bailey. Her “Calm Down” co-singer, Rema, who sat beside her, did clap for Brown.

Immediately after the R&B duo’s nomination was announced, Gomez reportedly picked her hands back up to clap for Nicki Minaj and Yung Bleu’s nomination for their song “Love In The Way.”

Some viewers felt that Gomez’s reaction may be related to Chris Brown’s reported history of abusing women, notably his 2009 felony conviction for physically assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

After the ceremony, Gomez posted a statement on her Instagram Stories seemingly to address the rumors. She wrote, “I will never be a meme again. I’d rather sit still than be dragged for being myself. Much love.” She also commented on an online report of the incident, saying, “Who cares lol.”

Chris Brown later addressed the viral moment in a now-deleted Instagram Stories post. He shared a picture with the caption, “IM THE GOAT and you know it.” In another story that he did not delete, he added, “Let me mind my business.”