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New Music: Iam Shamar – ‘Dreams & Reality Part 2’ (Deluxe Version)




After the triumph of his 2021 album Dreams & Reality Part 2, R&B sensation Iam Shamar is back with the eagerly awaited deluxe version, available now on all major digital streaming platforms. This deluxe edition introduces six fresh tracks, promising to captivate listeners and take the R&B experience to new heights.

Expanding upon the original release’s groundwork, the deluxe version showcases Iam Shamar’s unmatched talent with songs like “Bad Habit” and “Love Goes Too Far,” delving deeper into themes of love, longing, and self-discovery. With his mesmerizing vocals and evocative storytelling, Iam Shamar invites listeners into his realm, where dreams intertwine with reality and emotions run profound.

Moreover, the deluxe version treats fans to a sensual remix of the chart-topping track “Buss It,” adding a new layer of allure to an already captivating song. Through sultry beats and intimate narratives, Iam Shamar continues to solidify his presence in the R&B scene, leaving an unforgettable impression with each release.

With the unveiling of Dreams & Reality Part 2 (Deluxe Version), Iam Shamar reinforces his status as a rising star in contemporary R&B. Through his unique sound and unwavering authenticity, he beckons audiences to embark on a journey of passion, introspection, and musical exploration.