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June Freedom: On New Album, ‘7 SEAS’ and Hometown Vibes



June Freedom

Afro-fusion luminary June Freedom invites the world to embark on a sonic revolution that defies genres while drawing inspiration from his Cape Verdean heritage. His new album, 7 SEAS is an auditory odyssey, blending Alt-Pop, Worldbeat, Zouk/Kizomba, R&B, and Afro-soul. Each of the thirteen tracks is uniquely composed and invites listeners on an electrifying journey. In our interview we asked June to share the story behind the title.

“My first album I dropped only two and half years ago, called ‘Anchor Baby,’ and that album was more curated for my country and people, Cape Verde. It took off, and the album started moving; from there, I felt like after that chapter was over with that album, ‘7 Seas’ was the follow-up because then my music was already touching seven seas. It was like, now that my music is streaming worldwide, it’s been to all seven seas, meaning it’s everywhere.”

To bring 7 SEAS to life, June Freedom enlisted a stellar lineup of producers, including Ergin “BEARDEAUX” Dundar, known for works with Diplo, Lil Yachty, and Starrah, as well as Tomi “KILL SEPTEMBER” Mannonen, behind hits by Wizkid, Rema, and Tiwa Savage. The project also put the spotlight on featured talent Krisirie, Naïka, Jaz Karis, and ABOLAJI COLLINS. As part of our Q&A, June mentioned three songs from the new album that he feels people will resonate with. 

“I really enjoy ‘Messi’ because it feels like it’s driven, it’s sexy, it’s smooth. You know, when you are with somebody, it’s a nice vibe to play. I like ‘Egoista’ too, I’m speaking in creole in that song, it’s a very intimate joint. ‘Say Salud’ is another that hits, it’s time to go, be in the streets, outside.”

June Freedom, December 2023, MusicXclusives
June Freedom, December 2023, MusicXclusives

June’s fanbase is impressive and growing daily, with roughly 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He just wrapped a successful run as support on Tiwa Savage’s US tour and is scheduled to perform several dates in Europe in early 2024. June Freedom is from the African island nation Cape Verde and was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He has become a force to be reckoned with, gaining traction in major global markets. During his sit down with Marie Driven, June recalls how things came together as he began his career. 

“Akon was a person in my life who heard my music in the very early stages of my career and said ‘yo bro, this shit is dope, you represent Africa.’ He felt like that energy was there and we moved on some things, and so shout out to Akon, that’s big bro, he always saw the vision. “

Thanks to his mother, music became an integral part of June’s life. When she returned to Africa with him, she opened a restaurant featuring live music. In his teens, he tapped into the bands and began sitting in and playing with them live. He credits his mother with igniting his passion for music and says he continues to connect with women on that level. 

“I make music for mothers, I make music for everybody, but I get feedback that mothers love my vibes,” he says.

June is a natural entertainer with a unique fashion sense. The project highlights his and is styled with a keen eye. The overall look provides a refreshing departure from the established norm, adding a touch of visual variety to the overall listening experience. Marie asked June about his favorite designers, and he had this to say:

“Fashion for me is a mood thing, I might go out and thrift, a nice pair of boots, maybe some new jeans or something that’s in, and put that with a thrifted shirt. I like all different kinds of threads and brands.”

June Freedom, MusicXclusives

The combination of June’s talent and vibrant character makes a lasting impression. With a voice that possesses a light and smooth timbre, he can navigate his chosen melodies with finesse. His sound features prominent percussion, soft keys, and live instrumental accents like saxophones and rhythm guitars. June Freedom’s music showcases a seamless blend of traditional and modern elements that delight and amaze listeners. 

Watch our exclusive sit down interview with June below:

Stream June’s latest album, 7 SEAS below:

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