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Feature: Newark’s Latest Rising Star Khadijah Is One Of One!




Khadijah of Newark, New Jersey is one of the rising stars from the NYC/NJ region who is deeply talented in the basis of procuring music. The Doja Cat. Rihanna, Brandy, and Chris Brown influenced R&B and hip hop artist presents listeners a quality mixture of seductive vibes along with more introspective bops that showcases her overall dynamic talent.

Her recent On The Radar performance caught my attention with her distinct flow on a classic 112 harmony sampled beat which made me excited to go and check out her overall music catalog. “JPay” and “Say Yes” are two different vibes but are jams to add to your daily mix of music. I’m looking forward to see what tracks she shall drop in the near and distant future.

I want to capture more artists before they blow up such check out are brief Q/A interview below to find out more about the latest sensation from Newark.

How does it feel in your young career to get on ‘On The Radar’ and have a feature from an artist like Santana? 

Both “On The Radar” and the Santana feature felt like major accomplishments. OTR gave me a chance to showcase myself in front of real people in an authentic and unique way. Sharing my first big feature with someone as influential as Saucy will be a core memory for me.  

How would you describe your sound? 

I would describe my sound as angelic, nostalgic, refreshing, and vibrant. Drawing inspiration from dope musicians such as Doja Cat, Chris Brown, Lauryn Hill, Migos, Rihanna, Brandy, and Christina Aguilera have really help me discover and mold my sound into my own. When you hear Khadijah you here a grown woman who is in her bag. Also I want to inspire other women to discover their inner magic in which I use to showcase the power of confidence in womanhood.

Where do you see yourself next year at this time? 

Definitely, touring, I love doing shows! Performing is my favorite way to connect with fans. Like Rihanna, Brandy, and Doja Cat I want to have shows were my fans are reciting my lyrics word for word because it has had such a impact on their lives. I’m not going to hold you I might cry seeing that.

What do you bring to the Tri-State Region music scene that’s unique? 

I feel that I bring the glue to the tri-state area. That I can bridge the gap between the states with my sound to create a household name for the East Coast period. It’s a certain kinetic energy I hold that I want to show the world the full scope of my talents which is a total portrayal of the abilities that artists from the tri-state region just have. A certain level of swag is always with me, at all times!

 What’s a fun fact about you that nobody knows? 

I’m a good cook. I really be chef sh*t up! One day I might even make a dope content series behind it or star on a cooking show.