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Joe Budden Commends Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cobra” On New Episode



Joe Budden, Megan Thee Stallion, MusicXclusives

On his eponymous podcast, Joe Budden had high praise for Megan Thee Stallion’s new track “Cobra.” During the podcast episode released on Sunday (Nov. 5), Budden, along with his co-hosts, took a moment to applaud the song’s production and lyrical depth.

Budden was particularly impressed by the beat of the song and, in a spontaneous gesture, attempted to call co-producer Derrick Milano live to express his approval. He also commended Megan for her vulnerability in the track.

The New Jersey artist expressed, “This is who I want to hear. I want to hear from individuals who are feeling down. I want to hear from those who are dealing with some issues – ‘Yeah, I’m successful, but I’m struggling inside.’ I believe that’s where the best art comes from. It’s not limited to any specific gender.”

Directly addressing the rapper, Budden said, “Meg, I won’t lie to you. You absolutely killed it with this… And I hope you feel better, but not completely better because we need [music like] this. I hope your problems get resolved, but not too soon.”

Budden’s appreciation for “Cobra” followed his earlier criticism of Megan Thee Stallion and her frequent collaborator Cardi B for their work on “Bongos.” In September, he described the song as a “science project cooked up by AI.”

In addition to music reviews, the podcast episode delved into other hip-hop news, including discussions about the City Girls’ album sales for RAW. Budden’s co-host, Ice, expressed skepticism about the reported figures, suggesting that they might only account for physical copies and exclude streaming numbers.

Beyond music critiques, Joe Budden also addressed personal rumors over the weekend, particularly in light of allegations surrounding an altercation at Dream Gentlemen’s Club in New York City. During an Instagram Live session, he clarified the situation and dispelled any notions that he was harmed.

Budden explained, “Someone threw a punch and hit me once, but that’s all they got. I keep telling you, I can take a punch. Now, it’s on. I don’t like this internet stuff. Don’t believe any of it.”