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Jada Pinkett Smith Says Tupac Shakur Was Her True ‘Soulmate’ In New Interview, Shades Will Smith



Jada Pinkett Smith, Tupac Shakur, Will Smith

Actress and talk show host Jada Pinkett Smith recently opened up in an interview, shedding light on her deep connection with the late rapper Tupac Shakur. This revelation comes in the midst of controversies surrounding her new memoir, Worthy, which delves into her marriage with actor Will Smith.

In a candid conversation with Rolling Out’s Christal Jordan, Jada addressed the notion of a “soulmate friendship” that goes beyond romantic involvement. She expressed her belief in the concept, stating:

“Absolutely! We have soulmates. Our children can be our soulmates. I think this kind of romanticized idea is like a ‘soulmate.’ There’s all kinds of definitions of a soulmate.”

She went on to confirm that she and Tupac were indeed soulmates, suggesting that they may have crossed paths in past lives.

“But yeah, you know, definitely,” agreeing that she and Tupac were soulmates. “If there is such a thing as past lives, I definitely think ‘Pac and I have traveled a few together. You know, in various forms,”

Jada Pinkett Smith, Tupac Shakur

However, Jada emphasized that any romantic relationship with Tupac was never possible due to the absence of romantic chemistry between them. When asked about potential regrets regarding their friendship, Jada clarified:

“It just wasn’t possible; there was no chemistry between us.” She added that the only kind of chemistry they had, which people may have seen between them, is the “friendship love chemistry.”

She further elaborated on their unique connection, explaining that it was almost as if destiny had deliberately kept them apart. Jada emphasized that it wasn’t solely her decision but a mutual understanding, saying:

“Let me tell you, don’t think that ‘Pac and I, like I write in the book, we had those moments, and I wish I could get people to understand the repelling nature. It was almost like God made us that way.”

“It was like, ‘Look, I’mma put y’all together, y’all are gonna be a dynamic duo, but I’mma tell you right now, I’mma make it so y’all are not gonna be able to get together.’ Cause that just wasn’t the purpose,”

Jada Pinkett Smith, Tupac Shakur

Recently, there have been developments in the case of Tupac’s murder in 1996. Jada expressed hope for answers and closure following news of the arrest of Duane Keith “Keffe D” Davis, who has been charged with murder with a deadly weapon in connection with the case. Jada took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts, writing:

“Now I hope we can get some answers and have some closure. R.I.P. Pac.”

According to reports, the indictment alleges that Davis was involved in the shooting and conspired to kill Tupac, although it doesn’t specify that he pulled the trigger.

In another unexpected revelation, Jada disclosed that she and her husband, actor Will Smith, had been separated for seven years. While they remain legally married, they’ve been leading separate lives. This revelation reignited discussions about the 2022 Oscar incident in which Will slapped Chris Rock on stage over a joke about Jada.

Jada clarified that she had no prior knowledge of the incident and initially thought it was part of a skit until she saw her husband’s reaction. These recent revelations by Jada Pinkett Smith have sparked widespread discussions and continue to shine a spotlight on her life and experiences.