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Foxy Brown Considered Key Witness in Upcoming 2Pac Murder Trial



Foxy Brown is reportedly being considered as a key witness in the upcoming trial for 2Pac’s murder later this year.

According to The U.S. Sun, prosecutors believe Foxy can provide crucial evidence that Keefe D (real name Duane Davis) was in Las Vegas on the night of the rapper’s murder, a claim Keefe denies. Keefe insists there is no proof he was in Vegas on September 7, 1996, but the Clark County District Attorney’s office is compiling a list of witnesses to place him in Sin City.

Foxy Brown allegedly saw and interacted with Keefe D in Vegas before 2Pac was shot later that night. Keefe had previously mentioned meeting Foxy on the night of the murder in his book Compton Street Legend, but has since retracted those claims, stating that anything he said about the murder was false.

In his autobiography, Keefe described an encounter where he saw Foxy with Eric Von Zip, who allegedly handed him a black .40 Glock pistol. Keefe recounted being instructed to “get the money” and then rejoining Foxy after stashing the gun.

Prosecutors are reportedly trying to persuade Foxy to testify at the trial, which was initially set to begin last week but has been postponed to November 4 due to Keefe D’s new lawyer requesting more time to review the case materials.

Keefe, now 60, is also seeking to make bail, which is set at $750,000. If he can post bail, a judge has ruled that he can serve house arrest with an ankle monitor.