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Eminem Ranked As Top 10 Best-Selling Artist of All Time




Eminem, the iconic rapper, continues to cement his status as one of the most celebrated artists in music history as he enters the third decade of his illustrious career. Recently, he achieved a remarkable milestone by securing his place among the top 10 highest-selling artists of all time, as reported by ChartMasters. This achievement underscores his enduring influence and popularity in the music world.

Eminem, also known as Slim Shady, has now claimed the coveted No. 10 spot on this prestigious list, boasting a staggering total of 207,262,000 sales throughout his career. This impressive feat catapults him past the legendary Led Zeppelin, firmly establishing him in the upper echelons of music history.

The ranking takes into account various metrics, including album sales, singles sales, and streaming data, with updates provided on a daily basis. Remarkably, Eminem stands as the sole rapper within the top 40 of this esteemed list. His closest rap competitor, Drake, occupies the No. 41 spot with just over 120 million sales. Other notable hip-hop acts such as Kanye West (No. 61; 98 million sales) and 2Pac (No. 73; 84 million sales) also make appearances in the top 100, albeit further down the ranks.

Despite this remarkable achievement, Eminem faces a considerable gap to reach the summit of this list, with The Beatles reigning supreme with over 423 million sales. The top five artists on the list include Michael Jackson (No. 2; 338 million sales), Elvis Presley (No. 3; 321 million sales), Queen (No. 4; 279 million sales), and Madonna (No. 5; 248 million sales), all of whom have left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Eminem’s accolades extend beyond his impressive sales figures. Last year, he became the most certified artist in RIAA history, accumulating 227.5 million gold and platinum certifications, comprising 166 million single certifications and 61.5 million album certifications. Additionally, he holds the record for the most diamond certifications in hip-hop, with six distinguished releases: The Marshall Mathers LP (2000), The Eminem Show (2002), “Lose Yourself” (2002), Curtain Call: The Hits (2005), “Not Afraid” (2010), and “Love the Way You Lie” (2010).

Eminem’s enduring legacy is further accentuated by his historic first-week sales figures, with The Marshall Mathers LP (1.78 million) and The Eminem Show (1.32 million) still holding the titles for the two largest first-week sales in rap history.

While Eminem’s achievements and sales milestones continue to accumulate, he remains a topic of debate within the hip-hop community. Recently, rising Bay Area rapper Symba raised questions about Eminem’s self-proclaimed “Rap God” status, going as far as to assert that he is the superior MC. This debate, which took place during a panel discussion at REVOLT World in Atlanta, highlighted the ongoing conversation surrounding Eminem’s place in the hip-hop pantheon. Symba, while acknowledging Eminem’s impressive catalog, boldly claimed that he could name five better rappers. The exchange underscores the enduring relevance and influence of Eminem’s artistry, as well as the passionate discussions it continues to provoke.