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Young M.A Updates Fans on Health Status + Road to Recovery



Young M.A.

Young M.A fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the rapper appears to be on the path to recovery. Earlier this year, concerns arose when a video of her getting a haircut circulated online, showing her looking fatigued with a yellowish tint in her eyes. As worries grew among her devoted followers, she issued a statement addressing her health issues, stating that she had been dealing with personal health challenges over the past few years. She reassured everyone by mentioning that she was in good spirits and that all would be revealed through her music and an upcoming documentary.

In a recent Instagram post, Young M.A shared another update, cryptically stating:

“Survived some sh*t I thought I would die from…”

Notably, the yellowish hue in her eyes, which had concerned fans earlier, was no longer visible.

In another post, she wrote, “Never was a setback, I just had to sit back,” hinting at her determination to overcome her health challenges.

Originally, in April 2023, concerns had arisen when a video of Young M.A at a barbershop went viral. Fans noticed the yellowish hue in her eyes and apparent hair loss, prompting widespread worry. In response to the online commotion, Young M.A took to Instagram to briefly discuss her health and her plans for a comeback.

Acknowledging her low profile, she shared:

“I know I been low-key. You know what I mean? Long story short, basically, you know, um, just a small setback for just a comeback.”

While she didn’t disclose the exact nature of her illness at the time, she expressed her commitment to share the details with the public soon.

Young M.A revealed that she had made significant lifestyle changes to aid her recovery, including abstaining from alcohol. Speculation arose that her health issues might be related to her liver or kidney.

“Unfortunately, I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life, and you know… things [started] to catch up with [me]. Or whatever the case [may be]. So, I just want y’all to know, uh–besides all that–I’m actually doing much better. Um, I been getting well.” 

“I been very much sober,” she confirmed, signaling her dedication to achieving full healing. Despite her reluctance to delve into specifics, she promised new music and an accompanying documentary to keep her fans updated on her journey.

Young M.A, known for her penchant for privacy, recognized that it was time to open up to her supporters. She stated, “Y’all know I’m mysterious. You know, I keep my personal problems to myself, but… now, it’s time to, you know, expand that and express that to y’all.”

Recently, Young M.A celebrated her 31st birthday on a yacht with loved ones, expressing gratitude for her life’s blessings.

In a heartfelt message to her fans, she assured them that her music would shine this summer, saying, “it’s going to be ‘one of M.A’s summers’ musically.”

Concluding her statement, she emphasized her unwavering commitment to her supporters, saying, “Bare with me, too, man, because, like, I know… I know, it be me, it be me! My fault. I love y’all. You know? But things happen, unfortunately. But… I got y’all back. Man, I’m still here. I ain’t going nowhere!”

It’s heartening to witness Young M.A’s resilience and determination on her path to recovery, and her fans eagerly anticipate her return to the music scene.