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ICYMI: Zae France Takes Fans to Tropical Paradise in “Give It Up” Music Video



Zae France possesses a keen sense for detecting bluffs within his relationship, and he channels this insight into his latest track, “Give It Up.” Produced by Remo the Hitmaker, the song sheds light on his partner’s inconsistent behavior. France recognizes that any tension between them inevitably leads to intimate moments, and rather than engaging in drama, he prefers to focus on exploring the depths of their physical connection.

Zae France, Give It Up
Zae France, Give It Up

In the silky-smooth production of “Give It Up,” France serenades with lyrics like, “Just last night, you said you was done with me / Now it’s ten minutes ’til you come over / You were just sayin’ that it’s a dub / Now I got your legs over my shoulders,” skillfully capturing the essence of the song’s narrative.

Reflecting on the creation of “Give It Up,” France shares:

“Funny thing about it, I was on the hunt for an uptempo track one night in LA and it just wasn’t flowing the way I wanted it to. I ended up cutting ‘What It Do‘ that night then started thinking about this girl that I was on and off with— she was claiming that she was done with me, but we all know how those situations be. The idea for the song came first and then we ended up with ‘Give It Up.’ We left that night with two special joints.”

“Give It Up” serves as the follow-up to France’s earlier release, “What It Do,” featuring Fridayy. Both tracks are set to feature on his forthcoming project, Rhythm n Backwoods Szn II, slated for release this year under R&B singer Ne-Yo’s imprint Compound Entertainment/Def Jam Recordings.

Rhythm n Backwoods Szn II continues the narrative from France’s 2019 project, and fans can anticipate an exciting collection of tracks. His previous project, featuring popular songs like “ThisVibeAintForEverybody” and “Done Up” featuring MizzyLott, enjoyed significant success, with “ThisVibeAintForEverybody” amassing 3.1 million streams on Spotify and “Done Up” garnering 1.3 million streams.


Following “Rhythm n Backwoods,” France released “Pretty Girls NVR Listen” in 2021, which included his breakout hit, “Comfort Zone.”

You can listen to Zae France’s latest track, “Give It Up,” below.

Zae sat down a month ago with the ladies of “See, The Thing Is…” podcast (Bridget Kelly, Mandii B) to discuss his musical journey, his writing process, and so much more. Check out the interview below: