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YNW Melly Denied Bond Ahead of Retrial in Double Murder Case



YNW Melly

Broward County, FL – YNW Melly, whose real name is Jamell Demons, has once again been denied bond as he awaits his retrial in a double murder case. A judge made the decision on Friday, September 22, meaning that the rapper will remain in jail until the retrial concludes.

The judge’s order stated:

“After careful consideration, this Court finds that the State has met it burden of demonstrating that the proof of guilt is evident and the presumption of guilt is great.”

During the bond hearing, Leondra Phillips, the mother of one of YNW Melly’s alleged murder victims, YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.), spoke via Zoom and expressed her concerns about her safety if Melly were to be granted bond. She stated, “I don’t think he should receive a bond. He’s innocent until proven guilty, but he has money, and I don’t want anything to happen to me and my family. No bond, please.”

YNW Melly’s retrial is scheduled to begin on October 9, following a mistrial declaration in July when the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict. The 24-year-old rapper is facing charges related to the murders of his friends YNW Sakchaser (Anthony Williams) and YNW Juvy in October 2018. The prosecution alleges that Melly not only committed the murders but also staged the crime scene to make it appear like a drive-by shooting.

The legal process for the first-degree murder charges has been lengthy, with YNW Melly originally arrested in February 2019.