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New Date Revealed For YNW Melly Retrial



YNW Melly’s double-murder trial has been pushed back to October following a mistrial in July. At the hearing on Friday (August 4), Stuart Adelstein, Melly’s attorney, requested to move the trial date from October 2 due to his upcoming vacation plans. Judge John J. Murphy III approved this request, giving the rapper a new start date for his retrial.

Melly (real name Jamell Maurice Demons) seemed elated by this news as he left the courtroom in an orange jumpsuit and shackles, mouthing the words “I’m coming home” to family in the gallery.

He is currently charged with first-degree murder in relation to his alleged shooting of two friends – YNW Sakchaser (Anthony Williams) and YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.) – back in October 2018.

The state accused Melly of gunning down his associates and staging a drive-by shooting as part of an alibi cover-up. Assistant State Attorney Kristine Bradley was quoted as saying that;

“Anthony Williams was shot at close range from behind while sleeping, making it clear that this was premeditated murder.”

The initial trial went on for three days before ending in a mistrial when jurors could not reach an unanimous verdict. However, one former juror who spoke with Local 10 News said that one “manipulative” woman had convinced two other jurors to declare Melly not guilty, resulting in the failed verdict.

“From day one, she had issues with the foreperson selected, at one point crossing her arms and saying she was ‘Done!’ When another juror asked to not shut down and set her feelings aside, she exploded.”

“She was explosive, manipulative, she was rude, she yelled insults at anyone who had a different opinion…She was there to cause chaos.”

While it is uncertain if justice will be served during Melly’s retrial next month, one thing is certain: YNW Melly’s case has now taken four and a half years to process through the judicial system, leaving many eager to see its final resolution that much closer.

Trial resumes October 2, 2023.