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Tems Addresses Pregnancy Rumors with Future



TEMS, Future

Tems, the Nigerian singer, has taken to Twitter to address the rumors swirling on social media that she is pregnant with Future’s child.

Responding to a Twitter user’s comment on the rumors, Tems exclaimed, “Lmao bruh what the hell is going on in this place,” and labeled the speculations as “dumb.”

The 28-year-old artist followed up with a selfie that appeared somewhat disappointed, accompanied by the caption, “In conclusion, you people are all mad!!!”

These pregnancy rumors appear to have originated from a video of Tems attending the recent Burberry Summer 2024 fashion show in London. Some observers speculated that she might be sporting a baby bump beneath her vest top and oversized zip coat.

It remains unclear how Future’s name became linked to these rumors. However, Tems and Future collaborated last year on the Grammy-winning single “Wait For U,” alongside Drake.

Future is already known to have fathered eight children with eight different women, whereas Tems is not a parent.

Regarding her music career, the “If Orange Was a Place” songstress has maintained a relatively low profile this year, not releasing any solo music, which has left some fans eagerly awaiting new tracks.

Fans have expressed their curiosity and impatience on social media, with one person asking on Instagram, “Baby are you pulling a Rihanna on us? Where are our songs?”

On the other hand, Future, the Atlanta rap icon, is gearing up for a joint project with Metro Boomin, which the latter has dubbed the “album of the year.” Although no release date has been officially announced, Metro Boomin confirmed earlier this year that the album would “definitely” drop before 2024.

The duo has a strong track record of successful collaborations, with hits like “Mask Off,” “Jumpman,” “Monster,” “Where Ya At,” “Low Life,” and many more under their belt.