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2Pac Was Reportedly Murdered By LAPD, According to Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard




Gene Deal, the former bodyguard of Diddy, has made a startling revelation regarding the murder of the iconic rapper 2Pac. In a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, Deal accused the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) of being responsible for 2Pac’s tragic death. These allegations stemmed from remarks attributed to Suge Knight, a former associate of 2Pac, suggesting LAPD involvement in the murders of both 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G.

“Suge said that Rafael Pérez and David Mack was trying to kill him — those are the same people that were trying to kill B.I.G.,” Deal stated, referring to the disgraced police officers who were accused of conspiring with Suge Knight to assassinate the Brooklyn rapper.

“‘Cause David Mack and Pérez were seen at the scene! They got pictures of them at the scene! Pérez was picking up bullets at the scene! Cops know you do not mess with the evidence … They couldn’t get Puff, and B.I.G. was collateral damage.”

“So you’re saying that the same people that killed Biggie are the same people that killed 2Pac: LAPD?” the interview asked, seeking clarification.

“If Suge says, ‘If you solve one murder, you solve them both,’ I gotta go with the eyewitness,” Deal replied. “I don’t know why Suge would say that when Keefe D says that it was him, Orlando and Dre and them in the car together, but why would Suge say [that]? He said that in the documentary.

“I just believe that somebody was made to say something, and I hope the Vegas Police Department do their due diligence and get down to the bottom of it and make the truth come out … It don’t take a rocket scientist for this, man.”

Deal went on to claim that there was evidence of Pérez and Mack’s presence at the murder scene, including photographs of them and Pérez allegedly picking up bullets at the scene. He asserted that law enforcement personnel should not tamper with evidence, raising suspicions about their motives.

When questioned about whether the same individuals who killed Biggie were responsible for 2Pac’s murder, Deal replied, “If Suge says, ‘If you solve one murder, you solve them both,’ I gotta go with the eyewitness.” Despite the existence of conflicting accounts, Deal expressed his belief that certain individuals may have been coerced into making statements, urging the Las Vegas Police Department to thoroughly investigate the matter and reveal the truth.

Deal also suggested a possible motive for the LAPD’s involvement in 2Pac’s murder. He claimed that 2Pac had suspicions that someone at Death Row Records was embezzling money from him. According to Deal, the culprits behind this financial misconduct might have hired corrupt police officers to orchestrate the hit on 2Pac in an attempt to silence him.

“What’s the root of all evil? Money,” Deal argued. He alleged that 2Pac had initiated an audit shortly before his murder, leading to staff dismissals and investigations into missing funds. In this context, the motive for silencing the rapper becomes apparent.

“I think, if I heard correctly, 2Pac put an audit in two or three weeks prior to his murder and started firing people and trying to figure out where his money was at and where it was going. So now, if you’ve been stealing money and you inside and everything could be connected to you, what are you gonna do?”

It’s important to note that Gene Deal is not the first person to make such allegations regarding 2Pac’s murder. In a prior interview with The Art of Dialogue, 2Pac’s biological father, Billy Garland, suggested that the U.S. Government was involved in his son’s death. Garland mentioned that 2Pac had been surveilled by the government on the night of his assassination and at Quad Studios.

“I don’t know this guy Keefe, maybe he had to say that to get out of some issue, I don’t know. I just know it looked like a set up to me. Somebody told this guy to stand there with the Death Row thing and it pursued to what we had, but I don’t think [Orlando Anderson] had anything to do with the death of my son … not at all.”

Despite these allegations and conspiracy theories, the murder of 2Pac remains an unsolved case. Recently, Keefe D, also known as Duane Davis, confessed in a proffer agreement to handing the murder weapon to his nephew, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, on the night of 2Pac’s death in September 1996. However, a police source indicated that charges against Keefe D, including potentially first-degree murder, are “imminent.” It is worth noting that Orlando Anderson, the prime suspect in the case, was never arrested or charged and was killed in an unrelated gang shooting in 1998.