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Twenty-five Years After His Death Tupac “2Pac” Shakur Legacy Remains Stronger Than Ever!




A transcendent talent in more ways than just music, Tupac “2Pac” Shakur laid the blueprint for modern emcees like Drake to become a worldwide phenomenon in pop culture, not just hip hop. Twenty-five years since his unfortunate death have just showcased how much Tupac’s impact remains strong in recent times. Matter, in fact, Drake and Kendrick‘s career paths almost run adjacent to Tupac if he would’ve never died. Let me explain with this piece.

Tupac embraced the ability to curate music that embraced masculine feelings of love and pain, such as Drake with multiple singles including “Do For Love,” “Pain,” “So Many Tears,” and more have opened up the door for rappers like Aubrey to procure quality music that allows men that encourage men that it is okay to be transparent with your emotions. Shakur’s more socially driven tracks such as “Brenda’s Got A Baby,” “Changes,” “Keep Ya Head Up,” and more inspired artists such as Kendrick, Jay Z, and more to come up with critically embraced music that makes listening to issues more smoothly as opposed to just it being an information dump.

His roles in cinema and TV in films such as Poetic Justice, Belly, Under The Rim, and more have made ways for emcees such as Drake, Kendrick, 50 Cent, Joey Bada$$, and more to bless television along with movie screens all over the world. Literally, Poetic Justice shirts are being sold worldwide, which I have purchased to wear with a nice pair of sneakers on occasion. Add in his unique fashion sense, which was rare in masculine entertainers at his time with his signature nose pierce, vests, body tattoos, and other legendary outfits that paved the way for modern hip hop based clothing mavens such as Kanye, A$ap Rocky, Nicki Minaj, and more to express their style in ways that people today can embrace with much less judgment.

Tupac was never afraid to voice his opinion and show the world his authentic self. His interviews showcase his enigmatic personality and that being coupled with his music sold people globally into what he has become; the first superstar hip hop artist. Not only was Tupac Shakur fundamental in the evolution of the modern-day hip hop artist, but he was also the blueprint that was only added to throughout time that paved the way for hip hop artists to be so much more than just music.

Groundbreaking and life-changing, Tupac’s legacy remain as strong if not stronger 25 years after death because he pushed the boundaries to make way for hip hop today to become a worldwide embraced form of entertainment. Below you can check out some of Tupac’s legendary content.