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Feature: Onsight Deeda Is On Sight In The Ring And The Studio!




From having the golden hands in the amateur ranks of boxing to being one of the budding stars in hip hop to come out of the legendary Louisiana Onsight Deeda is special. The diligence the young emcee by the way of Lafayette had to endure to even get to this point in life is special and Deeda plans to use to his gifts plus pain to help guide young men out of his community is commendable for sure.

Onsight going viral via video of him being wrongfully accused of crimes he did not commit didn’t stop him from. He used it as fuel to translate his struggles in the streets and battles with the law into a flourishing rap career as an outlet for channeling his anger, frustrations and future uncertainty. Similar to what he used boxing for growing up in the rugged streets of Lafayette. Deeda views both mediums as therapy in his life and want to use both platforms to help young black men to pursue better ventures in life than just being in the streets.

If I had to compare him to a rising boxer star with a similar story and personality based off my conversation with him it would have to more than one due to his distinct charisma. Onsight Deeda is like a mixture of Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Shakur Stevenson. Shakur for more of Deeda’s rap flair and prowess but Tank in terms of the growth Deeda had to go throughout his life. Both of these traits culminate into Onsight Deeda having the chops to last in music and in entertainment for a very long time.

These traits are probably why Cash Money put their faith into Deeda to become the next great rap star out of Louisiana. Anybody can have talent but few people have the mental fortitude to persevere through trauma and make it. I’m glad it say Onsight Deeda is one of the few who can not only make it but shine while doing it. All rising rappers and even stablished acts should take notes from Deeda in overcoming obstacles.

His trails and pain doesn’t define Deeda but push him to be more than just good but elite at what he does. Definitely one of the budding stars from the south to keep tabs on for the rest of 2023 and going forward. Recently he dropped a dope single “I’m Wit It” which is a nice mood booster for somebody who needs a shot of energy to get through the day or their gym session.

Listen below and keep this star emcee out of Lafayette on your radar, he’s special.