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Here’s Why Dave & Central Cee’s ‘Split Decision’ Is Elite!




Everyone’s favorite budding UK superstars Central Cee and Dave have taken over the summer with fire music, major co-signs, and even a surprise appearance on On The Radar with Drake. However, for me, what really drew me in because aside from the forever growing fanbase over the past few years the two released a EP to celebrate their 25th birthday by the name of ‘Split Decision’ which doesn’t pinpoint a sound but gives fans a overall brilliant mixture of energy, wordplay, and vibes to listen to. The don’t do nothing really creative but the two just execute on a really high level and it makes everything work.

The first track “Trojan Horse” is my personal favorite. That boy Dave is a rapper for real, the lyrical flex he provides on the track is astounding and the complementary bars Central provides is nothing to scoff at all. Not only does it showcase the beautiful chemistry that the duo provide throughout the EP but also is a tone setter for the quality of music throughout the body of work. Very elite rapping is on display here.

Got love for all of the young Gs bookin’ a flight, and I’m headed to Asia. Four and a baby goin’ away, times were hard, I slept in a manger. Give her the Trojan, give her the Trojan Horse, I feel like Troy. Had a revolver, decomposin’ hid in the woods, I feel like Roy Dave, “Trojan Horse” Source: Genius.

The next single “Sprinter” is the more club appealing song on the project which is a nice combination of a symbiotic beat that complements the boastful flow and bars of the two UK emcees. “Sprinter” is the type of single meant for women to enjoy and men to flex money in the club on black coaches to. However what makes is distinct is that both rappers went off on this single, especially Central Cee.

I’m cheap, still hit a chick like, “Yo, can I borrow your Netflix?”
She a feminist, she think I’m sexist
Twistin’ my words, I think she dyslexic
Give me my space, I’m intergalactic Central Cee, “SPrinter” Source: Genius.

“Our 25th Birthday” invokes a mixture of early Drake vibes and a bit of Joey Bada$$ introspective views every time I listen to it. It’s a very heartfelt and more deep sadden into more thought proven audio that puts me in a thinkers place with every play. Dave really shines here, he gives off a Wu-Tang/Rakim flow on this track. It’s very special and underrated in my opinion.


Took a loss, had to drop tiers, made it all back and hit the top tier. For eight years, Good Mornin’ Britain, I had to change peers. Rocky Balboa, different fights and the same stares. Cars like drinks, don’t leave them unattended in Mayfair Dave, “Our 25th Birthday” Source: Genius.

The conclusion “UK Rap” is a bold claim that the duo are the best rappers in the UK currently which they have some merit to. I would throw in Skepta in that conversation buy Dave and central Cee with this EP really do maker a case. Overall the reason why I think this project is elite because they don’t overthink making good music today like more than a few rappers do today but they hop on good beats and spit elite wordplay.

I got blacklisted like Skepta. Peculiar mixture, in a Pyrex like Nesquik. Been livin’ a movie, since Block Busters, way before Netflix. I just made a play for a M, it’s 11AM, I ain’t even had breakfast Central Cee, “Uk Rap” source: Genius.