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10 Female Photographers Capturing Your Favorite Celebrities Best Side



Being a photographer myself, in what sometimes can feel like a forever changing industry can feel overwhelming. The constant battle between incorporating your own twist of creativity while keeping up with ‘the industry standards’ in terms of quality is always an interesting thought to have in the back of your mind while creating everyday. However, the individuals that are able to successfully do so sit at a special place where the latest trends, major campaigns, social media posts, and curated pinterests are all followed by a tag containing credit while influencing the next generation of photographers to dare to be creative. Below are 10 female photographers that I believe have set themselves apart by doing just that in what is considered a male dominated environment.

The below list is in no particular order:

Raven B. Varona (Bronx, NY)

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Raven B. Varona (@ravieb) • Instagram photos and videos

Flo Ngala (Harlem, NY)

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@flongala • Instagram photos and videos

Mickey Pierre-Louis (Miami, Florida)

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Mickey (@itchyeyephotos) • Instagram photos and videos

Bexx Francois (Los Angeles, CA)

Jada Imani M (Washington D.C.)

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Jada Imani M (@jadaimanim) • Instagram photos and videos

Maggie Friedman (Nashville, TN)

Baeth Saravo (Los Angeles, CA)

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baeth ™ (@baeth) • Instagram photos and videos

Izzy Nuzzo (AUSTIN , TX)

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Izzy Nuzzo (@izzynuzzophoto) • Instagram photos and videos

Annie Leibovitz (Waterbury, CT)

Stephany Gomez (Yonkers, NYC)

As women’s history month is still in full effect I encourage everyone to take sometime to look through all of these female photographers work. To tell a story through imagery is often challenging but these women have successfully done so and therefore continue to inspire me as I create everyday.

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