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From Serving Their Country to Serving Up Hits: The Inspiring Story of 86 Records



Minority-owned record label, 86 Records is led by four service veterans that bonded over their love of music, particularly the 80s – hence their name. As natural leaders, partners Josue Prosper, Denis Debranche, Joel Strickland, and Jesus Castillo are committed to fostering a culture of excellence in the music industry.

The label launched in 2017, and since its inception, the company has been determined to create a platform for music artists that values integrity and discipline. They pride themselves on teamwork and cohesion, offering services beyond music production and distribution, including financial literacy, mental health, resume building, investments, and more.

Being influenced by high-profile figures in the industry and drawing inspiration from other label owners, such as Quality Control Music Group, the founders realized their eye for finding and fostering talent. The current roster consists of R&B duo Channel7Seven, Hip-Hop artist/engineer Young Prototype, and Hip-Hop artist Timmy Takeova.

Looking for artists with passion, work ethic, and self-awareness, the current roster was an easy assemble, as each artist had existing relationships with the owners prior to joining the label.

86 Records has also now partnered with communications firm Playbook MG to champion their mission and help push the label to the forefront! So stay tuned and be sure to keep up with the game’s hottest new label via Instagram for all news and updates.

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