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Women’s History Month Feature: Erica K., One Of Geniuses Behind The PR And Social Impact At BET




Seeing her growth from being Miss Morgan State University to being one of the fasting rising publicists in the business gives this feature a more personal feeling. A well spoken woman of good fashion taste and a sweet soul defines the Erica that I know. Being on of the leaders at BET in the PR and social strategy position they see the intelligent, methodical, and exuberant side of her personality.

I can recall a story where I was shown both sides within the same mere hours. It was a panel I did at Morgan State University a few years back and she was the moderator. The crowd control and diction within her voice really stood out to me. I just knew Erica had something special that the world was going to see eventually. Being the least known of the panelists (At that time.) I was surprised at the warmth of her greeting and the kindness Erica granted me was what I see in the best of PR powerhouses.

She is a beautiful woman inside and out, it’s no in between. Another platform which is her personal Move In Meraki you can see some of the dope self confidence boosting tips Erica likes to share with people. She uses her faith with God and the natural goodness within herself to help people from all walks of life find a inner power within themselves to be the best versions of themselves.

Women’s History Month should honor the women who not only make a impact within their industry but those who also look to build up their community because it’s the morally correct thing to do. Keep up with Erica with her social platforms above and remember to thread lightly when approaching her, she’s one of one.