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Lola Brooke Shares Fiery New Single “So Disrespectful”




Source: The Thom Brand and Audible Treats, you both are amazing!

Lola Brooke quells an eagerly awaited demand for new music with the release of her latest track, “So Disrespectful,” out now via Arista Records/Team Eighty Productions. The roaring, bass-heavy new music release from flourishing rap phenom is met with a cinematic music video available to watch on YouTube.

Within the first seconds of the Reefa Music and Gyard produced track, listeners are met with an intimidating, grim beat that encapsulates the presence of Lola’s ‘Big Gator’ energy. Lola floats over the bass-knocking track on wax like the heavyweight champ she has proven to be in music and more. Her punchlines and ad-libs tally up more victories as she reminds you that she’s always ready for war and wins—it’s Gator Season.

Dude, she’s so adorable! Lola is like a feisty little Pikachu and raps better than 99% of the world.