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Shenseea Captivates Fans with Her Latest Single, “Beama” Featuring Lola Brooke



Shenseaa, Lola Brooke

Shenseea collaborates with Lola Brooke in her latest single, “Beama” and it’s undeniably captivating. Produced by London On Da Track, Shenseea effortlessly blends authentic rap vibes with a nod to her dancehall roots. The track kicks off with a timeless line from the movie Belly:

“Don’t ever bring scared business to me

You’re looking at the toughest rassclaat Jamaican in the United States of America.”

Shenseea, who has rapped on many dancehall rythms embraces this as her true international rap debut. In multiple interviews, she emphasizes how important exploring various genres is and how she doesn’t want to be put in a box. The lyrics on “Beama” exude confidence and impact as Shenseea talks all about her boss moves & why she is the greatest.

Lola Brooke brings an authentic NYC flavor to the track with her adlibs, distinctive voice, and assertive lyrics. Following the release of “Beama,” Shenseaa engaged with fans on Instagram Live, to discuss their thoughts on the release. Lola Brooke also joined the live, where her & Shenseea discussed the joy of working together, the chemistry during the “Beama” music video shoot, and their inevitable future collaborations.

In essence, “Beama” is a dynamic and unfiltered track, catering to fans of both rap and dancehall.