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Foxy Brown Playfully Responds to Lil Kim’s Bold Claim About Book Outselling the Bible



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Foxy Brown seems to have added a touch of humor to the ongoing banter surrounding Lil Kim’s bold claim that her autobiography, “The Queen Bee,” will outsell the Bible. The two, who had a well-documented feud in the late ’90s, have found themselves back in the spotlight due to Kim’s recent proclamation.

In a recent Instagram Story, Foxy Brown playfully chimed in with a simple “BIBLE” accompanied by a laughing face emoji, adding her own spin to the conversation.

The history between these two hip-hop icons dates back to the late ’90s, marked by public feuds and even a shooting incident outside a New York studio. Over the years, Foxy Brown has continued to take shots at Lil Kim through diss tracks and interviews.

Lil Kim sparked the recent controversy during an Instagram Live session, confidently stating, “When we post our pre-sales, we be surpassing the Bible.” She acknowledged the gravity of the comparison to the Bible but hinted at challenges with her memoir’s publisher, cautioning others about potential exploitation.

Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim

It’s worth noting that the Bible holds the title of the highest-selling book of all time, with estimates ranging between five and seven billion copies sold worldwide since its initial publication. In comparison, the best-selling memoir is “The Diary of Anne Frank,” which has sold approximately 35 million copies since 1947.

Lil Kim first revealed her memoir, “The Queen Bee,” in 2021, announcing its completion earlier this year. Anticipation has been building, with the book set to hit shelves in September 2024. According to a press release, the memoir will delve into Lil Kim’s complex high-profile relationships, her fight against industry misogyny through sex positivity, the challenges of self-image and beauty standards in the spotlight, and a significant act of loyalty that led to her incarceration.

As the release date approaches, fans are undoubtedly eager to get their hands on Lil Kim’s memoir and discover the untold stories behind one of hip-hop’s most iconic figures. Foxy Brown’s lighthearted response adds a playful twist to the unfolding narrative, keeping the fans engaged in the ongoing saga between these two trailblazing artists.