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Judge Denies Bail for Vybz Kartel Despite Overturned Murder Conviction



Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel has encountered a legal setback after a judge denied him bail, despite his murder conviction being overturned.

Kartel, along with three others, had been convicted for the 2011 murder of associate Clive Williams and sentenced to 25 years in prison. The prosecution argued that Kartel (whose real name is Adidja Azim Palmer) and his associates killed Williams over his failure to return weapons.

Earlier this month, Kartel’s conviction was overturned after it was revealed that one of the trial’s jurors had been bribed.

Explaining her decision to deny bail for the 48-year-old, a Jamaican judge stated: “In the absence of a verdict of acquittal by the Privy Council, the murder charge against the applicants remains in effect while awaiting the decision of the court of appeal. It is not correct to say that at this stage the applicants have no charge pending against them. The Privy Council report does not translate into an order for the release of the applicants. Until the prison superintendent receives an order of acquittal, he is bound by the existing court orders. I find that their present custodial status is not in breach of the constitution.”

Fans of Vybz Kartel gathered outside the court, protesting the ruling while armed police monitored the situation.

The courts are still deliberating whether Kartel and his co-defendants will face a retrial or be released.

The “King of the Dancehall” star has experienced several health issues since his incarceration, including Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes eye protrusion and can be fatal if untreated. His lawyer stated, “Mr. Palmer’s illness is actually life-threatening. His neck was swollen, and he couldn’t close the collar on a shirt with an 18.5-inch neck. His face is swollen, and his condition causes his eyes to protrude, which is why he always wears glasses.”

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