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Dream WKND NYC 2024 Recap: A Celebration of Caribbean Culture & Community



Dream WKND NYC 2024-the annual Caribbean’s Largest music festival wrapped up its second staging in the vibrant city of New York, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s Caribbean cultural and musical landscape. Held on June 29-30, this year’s festival was a resounding success, drawing thousands of ‘Dreamers’ from across the tri-state area delivering two unforgettable nights of music, dance, and cultural celebration.

Night One: ‘World Dance Best Of The 90s’ at Club Musica Manhattan
The festival at Club Musica on Saturday, June 29, kicked off with an explosive start despite
the inclement weather. Hosted by Jamaican dancehall queen Spice, the ‘World Dance Best of
the 90s’ event captivated the audience with her dynamic performance and infectious energy.
Spice performed her hits like ‘So Mi Like It’ and premiered her new track “Round & Round”
featuring Busta Rhymes. The evening was filled with entertainment, including Spice handing out
cowboy hats to fans participating in the “Round n Round” challenge, and meet & greets. DJs
Kevin Crown, Massive B, and Platinum Kids kept the energy high with a mix of dancehall, soca,
hip-hop, alternative, and afrobeats hits.

New and existing ‘Dreamers’ from across the diaspora in NYC along with some of our favorite
Caribbean diaspora Tiktok dancers & personalities such as dancing couple Treesteppravers
(@treesteppravers) & Mr Salt & pepper (@mrhansummalcorlm_dances), – who added to an
electrifying atmosphere, that left patrons wanting more.

Night Two: Daydreams All-White Event
The celebration continued again despite the hard rainfall during the day which delayed us a bit,
on Sunday, June 30 at DAYDREAMS all white summer soiree held at the beautiful outdoor
venue, Industry city- Brooklyn, making it the climax of the weekend. Dreamers were dressed to
impress, all while enjoying an elegant yet energetic, party atmosphere. The venue was
transformed into a sea of white, with dazzling décor, good Jamaican bites, seamless bottle
service and a stellar lineup of DJs such as: DJ Fade The Future from Hot97, who recently came
from Vogue world paris, Popular Caribbean DJ- Noah Powa and Massive B, who kept the dance
floor bumping. The mix of Caribbean beat and the Brooklyn backdrop created a unique and
memorable experience for all patrons.


Cultural Exchange
Beyond the music and festivities, Dream WKND NYC 2024 had a significant turn out from the
city providing a platform for cultural exchange, bringing Caribbean heritage and community to
the forefront highlighting the vibrancy and cultural diversity of New York City, reinforcing its
reputation as a global cultural hub.

Looking Ahead:
As Dream WKND NYC 2024 comes to a close, plans are already underway for next year’s
staging. The overwhelming success of this year’s festival has set another high bar, and the
Dream Team is committed to delivering an even more spectacular experience in 2025.
Dare to continue the Dream? Head down to where it all began; Dream WKND’s 15th year
anniversary celebration weekend in Negril, Jamaica from August 2nd-6th 2024.
About Dream Weekend: Dream Weekend is Jamaica’s premier music festival, known for its
high-energy events and unforgettable experiences. Founded in Negril, Jamaica, Dream
Weekend has grown into an international phenomenon and touring festival, attracting music
lovers from around the world.

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