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Sheff G And Sleepy Hallow Show Support for Donald Trump At Bronx Campaign Rally



On Thursday, May 23, Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow showed their support for Donald Trump at his campaign rally in the Bronx, despite the former U.S. president seemingly not recognizing them.

During the event, the 77-year-old businessman briefly brought the New York rappers onstage and praised Sheff’s grills. “I like that,” Trump remarked. “I wanna get that done.”

Taking the microphone, Sheff shared, “They will always whisper your accomplishments and shout your failures,” and added, “Trump is going to shout the wins for all of us.” Hallow followed with the slogan, “Make America great again.”

After the artists left the stage, Trump commented, “That’s right. I like those teeth. I wanna find out where you did — I gotta get my teeth like that. I want that to happen to me.” Sheff posted the footage on Instagram, eliciting reactions from Fivio Foreign, G Herbo, 42 Dugg, Lola Brooke, and others.

“We got Sheff, Sleepy, and Trump before [Grand Theft Auto] 6,” read one comment with over 6,000 likes. Another user joked, “Bro is tryna get pardoned.” Elsewhere, a comment stated, “Y’all do not understand; we are literally living inside of a ‘The Boondocks’ episode.”

It’s worth noting that Sheff and Hallow were arrested in 2023 as part of a 32-person, 140-count gang indictment. “What we allege and what we learned during the course of this investigation is that Sheff G used a lot of the money he earned to help facilitate further gang activity, encouraging gang members to participate in violent crimes,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said during a press conference. The “Weight On Me” rapper was released from prison in April of this year.

This is not the first time Trump has brought a hip-hop artist on stage. In 2020, he invited Lil Pump to join him at a rally in Florida. In a separate incident, the former president met with Kodak Black after pardoning him in 2021.