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Grammy-Nominated Artist and Songwriter Playy Drops New Single and Video “Gold On My Lip (G.O.M.L.)” [WATCH]



Grammy-nominated songwriter and artist, Playy, released his debut new single and video “Gold On My Lip (G.O.M.L.)” that features Houston legend, E.S.G., of the Screwed Up Click and Spark Dawg which is tribute to Grillz and his hometown of Houston. Now he has a video for Gold On My Lip, his newest party anthem. The song was simply inspired by Houston’s dominant gold grill culture. G.O.M.L. has an irresistible beat and insane flow that’s bound to make anyone want to get a grill.

“I’ve been having grills literally my whole life, I was under 8 when I had my first grill and then from then on I just always had a grill,”

The video does an amazing job of capturing the songs high energy and transports viewers into a vibe as the artists and friends rap in a bar. Shot by Texas-based director, DGreen, Playy and the crew recorded the video during Austin, Texas’s iconic festival, South by Southwest.

Formerly signed to Interscope Records, Playy co-wrote “My Chick Bad” with Ludacris and Nicki Minaj. Playy, also, collaborated with many household name artists and producers such as Kelly Rowland, the legendary Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins, and more.

Fans can expect to hear new music that will be releasing soon.

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