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450 Releases His Latest Offering, “Wild N Rich”



Dancehall sensation 450 is currently captivating audiences worldwide with his latest hit single, “Wild N Rich.” Although originally hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, 450’s musical journey began in Clarendon, Jamaica at the tender age of 14. With an artist father and a mother who was a producer, music runs deep in 450’s veins.

Building on a history of consistently well-received releases, 450’s latest track, “Wild N Rich,”  joins his impressive catalog. Produced by Weekday, the song delves into the complex realm of emotions, exploring the highs and lows experienced when discovering that a significant other has moved on. 

“Aye gyal yuh

Cyaa style mi

Memba mi wild n rich

Yuh get a, brand new man and that’s fine by mi

Mi hope yuh, find happiness

Mi hope yuh, enjoy it

And when, things don’t work a hope yuh don’t call mi

Because mi, not no fool

Don’t need you

And it might hurt but mi alright

Mi get a gyal by noon

Yuh fi know mi a who

Cyaa style man ting a weh yuh feel like”

450 declares the end of his relationship, making it crystal clear that he has no intentions of reconnecting. The track resonates deeply with many of his fans, who’ve taken to social media to express their own experiences in similar situations. 450 expresses extreme vulnerability on the track, and the combination of his melodic voice and Weekday’s production results in a Dancehall masterpiece with a distinctive flair.

450 is currently dominating stages on tour, and his most recent performance in London was nothing short of spectacular. Taking to Instagram to capture the unforgettable moment, 450 shared how the entire arena resonated with his lyrics, singing them word for word! This not only proves the artist’s strong connection with his audience but also exemplifies the undeniable impact of his music. With 450’s unwavering consistency and creativity, there’s no doubt he’s elevating Dancehall to unprecedented heights.