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Erin Kaith Delivers Her Debut EP “Down Bad Vol. 1”



Filipino R&B songstress Erin Kaith finally delivers her highly-anticipated debut EP, “Down Bad Vol. 1.” The EP features 9 records, as Erin takes the audience through the different stages of heartbreak.

“It’s like a rollercoaster,” said Kaith. “Whether you want to stay or go, you see both the good and bad parts.”

The EP includes her hit single “Down Bad,” which has seen great success due to TikTok. The song caught virality on the platform, where over 300,000 videos were created. Public figures such as Kylie Jenner have jumped on the viral sound.

Kaith has also released “See You,” a painful ballad expressing a scorned lover’s initial disdain. Erin is a student of life, using her experiences to grow as a young adult.

Other songs include “Lately,” a passionate song reflecting on her healing process and contemplating her actions. “Never Be The Same” highlights the heaviness of having to decide the future of a relationship. Erin is seen going back and forth with her feelings but ultimately deciding to let them go. Thus, she comes to the conclusion things will never be the same.

Through a moment of passionate rage, Erin took time to reflect and go through the motions of her heartbreak. Now, through her love of R&B, she is ready to share her story.

So get familiar if you aren’t already and stream “Down Bad Vol. 1” on tour DSP of choice.

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