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Heath240 Releases Debut EP “Everything You Ever Wanted”



HEATH240’s creative culmination shines on “EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED”. The Boston artist’s EP demonstrates the growth of his artistry and his ambition to break outside of traditional genre lines. The film school dropout has created a cinematic experience, with characters and storylines that carry over through each of the two music videos from the EP he has already released, Baby Blues and DON’T TEXT ME. Powerful guitar solos reminiscent of the Arctic Monkey’s AM era run through the project, contradicted by Heath240’s calm and soulful voice.

“Everything You Ever Wanted” is the story of me losing myself in a complicated relationship. All of 2022, I was in a beautifully chaotic relationship that pushed both of us to learn more about ourselves. The push and pull we had on eachother felt like fine art at times but brought me to my knees. I found comfort in writing about these situations and that’s the initial catalyst for creating this project. The key theme of the EP is you can’t love someone more than you love yourself.”

Stream the project in full below.

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