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Aubrey O’Day Criticizes Diddy for “Measly” Bad Boy Publishing Return



Aubrey O'Day, Diddy

Aubrey O’Day has offered a detailed explanation of why she believes Diddy’s gesture of giving Bad Boy artists their publishing rights back isn’t as beneficial as it may seem on the surface.

The 39-year-old singer began her music career as a member of the girl group Danity Kane, which was assembled by Puff Daddy as part of the reality show “Making the Band.” However, her solo aspirations led to her departure from the group.

In a recent appearance on Only Stans, O’Day shared a well-articulated critique of Diddy’s actions, supported by alleged evidence to back up her claims.

She highlighted how Danity Kane was undercompensated during their most lucrative years and revealed that the proposed deal only grants them royalties for streaming from the past few years, which she said amounted to just a few hundred dollars.

“In order to get that,” she explained while referring to the proposal on her smartphone, “I have to release [Diddy] for any claims or wrongdoings or actions. Prior to the date of the release, I have to sign an NDA that I will never disparage Puff, Bad Boy, Janice Combs or Justin Combs’ music or EMI or Sony ever in public.”

She continued by discussing the situation of artists being offered “streaming royalties” and ownership of their publishing rights for songs they wrote at a time when streaming income was minimal.

“What’s happening is artists — some of them; not all of them — are being given ‘streaming royalties’ and ownership back over our publishing on songs that we wrote at a time when, you know, you have to stream a song a million times to make a cent.”

“Diddy is just literally known as the guy that doesn’t pay his artists, and it’s funny and then you move on and you like something that he did on TikTok ’cause he’s funny.”

She summed up the offer as “a few hundred dollars to sign away my rights to ever tell the story of what I went through again.”

According to O’Day, only two members of Danity Kane have rejected the deal so far, despite her efforts to reach out to and advise others to do the same.

Aubrey O'Day, Danity Kane

Former Bad Boy artist Mark Curry also spoke out recently about his disdain for Diddy now wanting to hand back their publishing rights.

She emphasized that the offer doesn’t reflect the substantial earnings the group made when they released their albums or the millions of dollars generated by two platinum albums. Instead, it’s a small sum for streaming rights to keep artists silent about their experiences with Diddy.

“This is not the money that we made when we released the albums,” she explained. “This is not the $48million that two platinum albums got somebody. This is just some measly streaming money in order to stay hushed on Puff.”

In conclusion, O’Day expressed her desire for Diddy to truly follow through on his promises, compensate artists fairly for their hard work, and address past wrongs. She wished that the headlines about these actions could be genuine.

“I just wish that Puff would do what he’s saying he’s doing. I wish he would pay us what we deserved for all the work that we did, and I wish he would make right his wrongs and I wish these headlines could be real.”